they’ll never catch us review

“…Come on, they’ll never catch us… I came here so we can talk about all this. So we can come up with a plan.”

That was like an episode of Real Housewives: Teen Edition. Or definitely an episode of Jerry Springer. I am the worst sleuth of all the sleuths. SHOCKER! I did NOT see those events coming! GASP! Those Steckler sisters keep each others secrets. A decade ago, female cross country stars were brutally murdered. Whoever turned Edgewater into Deadwater finally came back. “What are the chances that some psycho killer would come back just for….” Jessica Goodman’s sophomore novel is a page-turner! Readers will be hooked as information is revealed chapter and after chapter. They’ll Never Catch Us is a must-stay-up-until-3:00-am-to-find-out kind of book!

-cross country
-sister stories
-mystery & thriller
-secrets & twists & turns, oh my!
-your favorite dramatic reality TV show featuring teens
-small town with an even smaller police department
-Sherlock Homeboy is your BFF

Thank you Penguin Young Readers for an advanced copy!

Song: Silver Springs by Fleetwood Mac

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