the croc review

“I wanted to love you forever,” he said with a laugh, touching his forehead against hers, “but I’ll settle for one lifetime.”

It’s o-v-e-r! 🥺😭 It’s always bittersweet when a trilogy comes to an end but I am PLEASED with the final book in the PAN trilogy. Even though I already totally and completely miss Neverland’s resident bad boy, Deacon Elias Ashford. Clap it up for @authorjennyhickman ! She will make you feel ALL the emotions: fear, anger, jealously, betrayal. You probably will be chanting, “please be okay, please be okay, please be okay”. Don’t worry reader, Jenny writes kissing books and HEA’s. You’ll swoon. You’ll cry. You might even squeal. #DamesForDeacon. Any last words? …. tick tock. And I love you, Casanova. Pick up this fantastically magical Young Adult trilogy!

-cozy, dry socks (LOL IYKYK)
-making memories
-21st century Peter Pan
-magic & community
-A Walk to Remember
-young love
#IsThisAKissingBook: a kiss to her hair, a kiss to the back of her hand, a kiss to the temple. ALL the kisses 😘

Thank you Jenny for an advanced copy! The CROC is released TOMORROW! 👏🏼

🎶 Song: Never Say Never by The Fray 🎶

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