Grace & Glory review

“He committed an act of selflessness and sacrifice by coming to your aid. He did so out of the purest love. He was restored to his Former Glory.” “Former Glory?” I had no idea what he was talking about. The Throne nodded. “But he chose you. He chose to Fall.”

My heart gave a happy little dance with the finale of the Harbinger trilogy! Zayne is so incredibly thoughtful and considerate. Trinity is brave and strong. Fearless. The duo will need everything to defeat the friendly neighborhood homicidal archangel aka the Harbinger. Bust out the big guns. A Trueborn and a Fallen. YOLO. JLA takes you through some feels: hopelessness and despair, sorrow and grief, relief and pounding joy. An excellent conclusion! 👏🏼

-YA fantasy
-angels & demons
-pop culture references
-gargoyles & witches
-thrilling twists & turns (peanut 😱)
-action packed scenes
-#IsThisAKissingBook: “Love shone with each kiss.”

“I was willing to die a thousand deaths for you. That I loved you that much. Then he asked what I would do to be reunited with you. I told him I’d do anything.”

🎶 Song: Highway To Hell by AC/DC 🎶

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