Nerdy corn review

“Because she was: smart. (Just look at her solve that quadratic equation!). A good friend. (There she is picking up her neighbor from the airport!). And always willing to help others. (Wow! She’s changing their oil and cleaning their gutters!)”

Fern wasn’t like the other unicorns. She liked building robots in her laboratory, coding software to program her computer, chemistry, reading, 3D printers. Even though she knew she was different, Fern was proud of who she was. The other unicorns don’t get her. At all. They would tease her for being different and never invited her to hang out with them at the Sparkle Dance Parties. Is Fern through helping rude unicorns? Or will she realize deep in her heart that being a good friend is far more important than holding on to a grudge? Nerdy Corn is a cute and sweet story about being yourself and always willing to help others. 🦄

Thank you Simon Kids for sending us this precious story! 

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