love for beginners review

“Your best days aren’t behind you. They’re right in front of you.”

Another captivating Wildstone story from Jill Shavlis! Emma was hit by a car that punted her fifty feet straight into a coma. Her hardass physical therapist, Simon, whom she hates with a passion of a thousand suns, is disarmingly handsome and basically her only “friend.” Emma’s ex BFF and her ex fiancé started dating while Emma was still in a coma. Yikes! Emma is a tough cookie. She’s fighting for her life. Dealing with her new reality. Simon has the patience of a saint and is sweet as a peach! Totally mooning over him like a love sick puppy! There’s something between them. When they’re in the same room the heat factor goes up. Emma is a patient though. Will she eventually fire Simon (*wink*) and act on her feelings? Love for Beginners is a story of sheer grit and determination, overcoming obstacles, survivors guilt, grief, hope, love, and perseverance. Give it a whirl!

-a Chewbacca look a like pup
-second chances
-sour cream and cheese chips. 1 non-resealable bag = 1 serving.
-a little forbidden romance (patient/doctor)
-character growth
-#IsThisAKissingBook: “Simon kissed the new girl and he liked it.”

Thank you Jill Shalvis for an advanced copy! Images borrowed from Jill’s newsletter. Love for Beginners is released on June 8th!

? Song: Cover Me In Sunshine by Pink ?

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