defy the night cover reveal

“You made me worry.”
“But I brought you breakfast.” His voice is rich and deep behind me.
I ignore him.
He leans in until his breath brushes against the sliver of skin between my hair and the high neck of my jacket. The other apple appears in front of me, wrapped up in his long fingers. “It’s a really
good breakfast,” he taunts.
I take the apple. Sugar dusts the skin. It’s warm to the touch, and I wonder if the honey inside is warm, too.
Despite myself, I take a bite. The honey is warm. “I hate you,” I say with my mouth full.
“That’ll probably work out for the best.” He flicks my hat up a few inches and grins. “Now eat quick,” he says. “We have rounds to

#DefyTheNight cover reveal…a day early?! Shriek! Gasp! Squeal! *jaw drop* …I am fine. I am great. I am the coolest of cucumbers. I have taken the chillest of pills. HA! JK. JK. I HAVE NO CHILL! Come September 2021, when this bb is in my hands (unless I win the ARC-crossing my fingers and toes!) I will be stapling my eyes open to read into the wee hours of the night. #Cursebreaksers ya feel me!? My brand is irrational freak out. Totally relatable.

YA readers! You’re going to want to read chapter one. Then check out the playlist from Brigid below! Be sure to add DtN to your Goodreads!

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