Blade of secrets review

“Well, good. You should be uncomfortable. Love is uncomfortable at first. It’s terrifying and exhilarating. But that will pass. It will become easier and something that you need rather than want.”

Kind of rhetorical QOTD: who has better arms? Riden or Kellyn? 😛

Hashtag TrashForTrish squad! Round of applause! The scholar = Petrick. The Mercenary = Kellyn. The bladesmith = Ziva. The brave sister= Temra. Not one, but TWO romances. Readers are going to fall in love with Kellyn. SWOON. “Maybe one day you’ll tell me your secrets, blademsith, now that you know some of mine.” He’s SUCH a cinnamon roll! Blade of Secrets did not disappoint! Fantastic! Chef’s kiss! Counting down until Master of Iron! 

-weapons that combine magic with forging
-banter & playful teasing (“I wasn’t ogling. I just like his arms, is all.”)
-adventure is out there! (said in best Ellie from Up voice)
-twists that leave you with your jaw on the floor #Cliffhanger
-found family
-sister bond (one is socially anxious (mental health rep) and the other is super flirty)
-a budding BROmance

“Even at my worst I can be strong.”

🎶 Song: Stronger by The Score 🎶

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