Gutter girl review

““You’re really a romantic, aren’t you, Jace Rovers?” “Eh, maybe a little bit.””

Lynn Rush and Kelly Anne Blount are the queen’s of witty banter and kissing scenes! What I enjoy about their books is that you get hooked on page four! Yup, they’re amazing at captivating readers! And, son of a sword, Gutter Girl will leave you with a one-hundred-watt-smile plastered on your face. Readers are going to crush hard on 🥰 Jace Rovers! I’m talking about the warm and fuzzies. Charming everyone’s pants off. Cinnamon roll right here! Young Adult readers are going to fall in love, a thousand times over, with Gutter Girls’ OTP! I adored every page of this book! 10/10 recommend if you just like to smile (because smiling is your favorite). I need more of Twin River High like I need air! Ps. How can we get our hands on Jace’s fantasy romance novel? I want to read Kingdom of Swords! 😂👏🏼

-swooning out loud over the sweetest grand gesture.
-90s grunge (think nirvana come as you are)
-space buns & pink hair
-holding hands via pinky finger and forefinger
-laughing & smiling. They got jokes.
-sweet valley high x small town 90210
-mystic falls vibes (minus the paranormal) with all the town events (founders day ball)
-#IsThisAKissingBook: Son of a sword, yes! MS plus JR.

“I want to be your guy. For real. In front of everyone. To stand up for you. To be there for you, all of the time, not just in secret.”

🎶Song: Good by Better Than Ezra 🎶

Ps. Kelly and I put together a playlist of the most nostalgic 90s grunge. CLICK HERE.

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