Gilded serpent review

“If the story of your life were a book, I’d carry it with me across the world. I’d read it every night. And whenever I reached the ending of what had been shared with me, I’d open it to the first page and begin reading it again.”

Welcome back to the Dark Shores readers. Lots of world building to start but Gilded Serpent is action PACKED. Like anxious sweating. Nail biting. We’ve got the blight and the corrupted. Teriana’s dilemma of saving her people or saving the West. We also have romance. sighs dreamily. The Banter between Marcus and Teriana is chef’s kiss. I want to squeeze hug Marcus. I FEEL for him. And Teriana.. girl. Is. BAWSE. Will their relationship survive them being enemies on opposite sides of a battlefield? And Lydia and Killian. Woo, boy. I need more of this OTP in book four! Can we LOL at Gertie and Bertie. Snort! You know who else I need more of in book four… Agrippa! The end of chapter 82. Tears. Don’t forget Miki and Quintus- I love you. Danielle Jensen’s characters have burrowed their way into my heart. Gilded Serpent is a thrilling novel with high-stakes and secret revelations! Eye balls, (yes, I’m talking to my eyes) read at warp speed! K, thanks love you bye. YA readers you need the Dark Shore series STAT. #TeamMarcus

-toga clad senators & politics
-power & domination
-action & adventure
-#IsThisAKissingBook: TWO romances and one will leave you wanting more in the best way!
-burdens of secrets & betrayal

Thank you Tor Teen and Danielle Jensen for my advanced reader copy!

🎶Song: Renegades by X Ambassadors 🎶

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