what big teeth review

“My love is a haunted house, a ghost possessing his own body, a fire that burns itself alive. A light almost too bright to look at, but I force myself to look as long as I could.”

A family that revels in strangeness. A twisted, bizarre, haunting YA supernatural story. (I apologize in advanced for all the comp titles LOLz). After eight years away, Eleanor is back at the family home and…

Things are crazy and confusing and what. *scratches head*. Huh.

-Adams Family
-Teen Wolf
-There Was An Old Lady Who Swallowed series
-Beetle Juice
-weird, awkward, dysfunctional family dynamics
-unexpected twits
-gothic atmosphere
-channeling your inner Sherlock
-YA horror, mystery/thriller

Song: Where Is My Mind by Safari Riot

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