namesake review

“We were salt and sand and sea and storm. We were made in the Narrows.”

Traitor. Fighter. Survivor. Namesake is packed with action, betrayal, deception, secrets, and risk. Fable has finally found home with the boy she loves. But it’s short-lived. Will Fable be able to regain her freedom again? Or will she be trapped in a powerful gem traders scheme? Saint & Fable’s relationship tugged on my mama heartstrings. Like tears silently sliding down my cheeks. “Never being so terrified of anything in my life.” Truth. “Feel like I’ve barely slept since the night you were born.” Truth. The father daughter relationship was probably my favorite part of the entire book. BUT! I adore West and Fable! With about 20% left, I was nervous HOW it was all going to play out. The ending events were intense! Whew! The epilogue was SUPER… sighs dreamily. I did feel the distance between the OTP and I want more sweet and swoony, West and Fable scenes! Namesake is a story of restitution. A story of family and friends. Adrienne Young’s Fable duology is perfect for lovers of the salty sea.

🎶 song: Sea of Lovers by Christina Perri 🎶

Thank you Wednesday Books for an advanced e-copy! 🤟🏼

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