House of dragons review

“Do you trust me?” “Yes,” he said easily. “Then trust me.

Kerrigan Argon, half fae, half human, abandoned when she was a child and fighting for a place in her world. Adopted into House of Dragons. Ker makes a bargain… one month until the end of the tournament to find a tribe to accept her. As a form of punishment, she is to escort Fordham Ollivier, the fae prince who escaped hs dark throne in House of Shadows. A favor for a favor and the duo ally themselves. Will Ker be able to find a tribe to accept her?

I love Kerrigan’s character- she is brave, wild, reckless, tough, spunky, spontaneous, and fiercely loyal. Fordham, the sad, broody boy who writes sad, broody poetry. Adore that princeling. Need more romance! More, more, more! The elemental magic system is RAD. The dragons (and riders) are awesome and remind me of wyverns from ToG. The tournament felt similar to the tri-wizard cup. Super cool, fantasy world with one BAWSE, female MC! HoD is perfect for fans of Holly Black and SJM.

“You have bewitched me so. And she was lost to him.”


-elemental magic
-super slow burn romance (sub plot)
-political intrigue & rules of royal houses
-murder mystery & mayhem
-dragons the size of wyverns (Throne of Glass series)
-dark, broody fae prince
-BAWSE female lead (Aelin vibes)

🎶 Song: Believer by Imagine Dragons 🎶

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