Daughter of the deep review

“You’re Kiera Branwen, the girl stammered, pointing a thin finger at me. “You’re the Night-Mare of the Four Seas.”

Kiera Branwen’s life belonged to Ronan Mathonwy. Four years of enmity, sunken ships, loved ones lost. A wedding to end a war. Kiera is forced to marry her childhood friend and her father’s alleged killer, Ronan, in order to keep her family safe. But Ronan is determined to prove his innocence. The duo strike a deal. For one month, they work together to find her fathers true murderer. And in exchange Kiera will no longer be Ronan’s wife. However, Mr. and Mrs. Mathonwy are tethered together by a fate that is impossible to ignore.

Daughter of the Deep is full of high-stakes, salty sea adventure! And don’t forget, Sherlock Homeboy, a murder mystery! I love Kiera and Ronan. I was on the edge of my seat, anxious to see how everything played out. Do ye need this book? Aye, aye captain! Ye do.

-arranged marriage
-enemies 2 lovers & childhood friends
-jabs & snarky remarks
-families of pirates
-secrets, twists, & betrayal
-BAWSE female lead & deceptively charming love interest
-#IsThisAKissingBook: Aye, ye best believe it.

🎶 Song: Ship To Wreck by Florence + The Machine🎶

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