Dear emmie blue review

“Maybe home isn’t a place. It’s a feeling. Of being looked after and understood. Of being loved.”

Looking for a book that makes you feel as if your throat is stuffed with cotton wool? This. Is. It. Words are trapped. Lucas Moreau. Balloon boy. The one who found Emmie Blue, against all odds, when she needed a friend most. When Emmie Blue was sixteen she released a balloon (with a dark secret) on her school field, and Lucas found it, miles away on a beach. He emailed Emmie and a friendship was born. Emmie feels lonely, lost, small, nothing. But her meet-cute with Lucas is so…serendipitous. Lucas is supportive and Emmie will always have him. So is Lucas the one? Lucas has a brother.. Eliot. Half brother. He is kind, warm, and safe. And the trio are best friends. Everyone loves Emmie. So why is she all alone?

I LOVED THIS BOOK. It’s deep. It’s romantic. Witty. And heartbreaking. Lia Louis does a fantastic job balancing humor and tragedy. The story deals with lows and high and is true to life. You feel SO much of Emmie’s devastation. Like a gut-punch. Push through! It’s a bloody brilliant story!

-Bridget Jones’s Diary x My Best Friend’s Wedding
-Charmingly British novels
-Brother trope
-Mixtape love notes
-#IsThisAKissingBook “I finally kissed Emmie Blue”

🎶 Song: Always by Bon Jovi 🎶

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