what i like about you review

“His smile is so big and I am a puddle. He looks at me like… Like I dont even know, and I lose my words. Something has shifted, though, I can tell.”

Internet friends turn into IRL crushes. Halle Levitt is just a kid who bakes cupcakes that match book covers and has an opinion, like everyone else on the internet. Eye roll ?. Halle created One True Pastry (OTP) under the pen name Kels aka ? incognito. Her blog, OTP, is dedicated to the two greatest things on Earth- YA books and cupcakes. Hi, I’m SOLD??‍♀️. Nash Stevens, fellow blogger and crazy talented graphic novelist, is Halle/Kels pixel BFF. They chat about anything and everything. With the exception of who she really is?. Kels + Nash = Endless ? heart eyes?. THE OTP. I ship them! Guess what! Halle arrives to spend senior year in her gramps small town where she just so happens to run into IRL Nash. ?GASP! Nash has infiltrated Halle’s life. Halle has infiltrated Nash’s life. He invites her into Le Crew. Yet she remains a secret? because she doesn’t want to ruin the non-awkward magic of their digital friendship. However, she’s falling for Nash IRL… but he’s in love with Kels. Love triangle! Fake love triangle? It’s more like a line since it’s only two people. EEP! And Gramps is beyond precious! He’s a ⚡️Potterhead and it’s darling.

All the HP references made me feel super young at heart and left me grinning ? like a Cheshire cat. Another thought…Nash and Halle deal with grief. Even though, on the screen as Nash + Kels, they thrive on sarcasm, banter, and angst, they deal with their grief as Nash + Halle. I related to Kels’ life lesson on friendship- it’s not easy. “It’s knowing the world might be a trash fire, but it’s less trash when there are people to help navigate the darkness.” I love that.


  • Friends 2 lovers #IsThisAKissingBook YA romance
  • Harry Potter references. Embrace the Puffness!
  • Cupcakes & book reviews
  • ??real friendship

? song: Sugar by Maroon 5 ?

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