“The perfect chocolate chip cookie,” I intone, “should have three rings. The center should be soft and a little gooey. The middle ring should be chewy. And the outer ring should be crispy.”…”The perfect cookie is best eaten while still warm, but still delicious at room temperature.” 

Yes, I posted this reel yesterday but I want to know about cookies! What’s your fave 🍪? Fave recipe(s)? Someone on IG has a drool-worthy, fatty salted chocolate chip cookie recipe and I can’t find it. Boo! I like Joanna Gaines choc chip recipe best. 😘🤌🏼Like LJ in #TATB3, I have discovered the secret to next-level choc chip cookies. Spoiler alert: it’s parchment paper! Take one from Large…  roll some dough into perfect cylindrical balls and store them in the freezer. So that when you get a taste for cookies, you can have them in twenty minutes flat. 🍪#toallthefanart

🎶 Song: Let’s Stay Together by Al Green 🎶

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