A vow so bold and deadly review

“For you, my lady, I would have leveled the entire city.”

Whew! What a conclusion! There is a TON of buzz over the final Cursebreaker novel and I was SUPER nervous to read it. But I am pleased to report I am in fact alive and it was an entertaining read. So we know Grey gave Rhen sixty days to surrender control of Emberfall before he will help Lia Mara take it by force. Grey is preparing to lead an army against Rhen. AVSBAD is packed with action (sometimes gory), politics, flirtation, manipulation, hope, loyalty, redemption, and forgiveness. Goodness, so many scenes where my heart hurt for my OTP and what they endured. Harper is so brave and noble. #IsThisAKissingBook- four POVs: Grey, Lia Mara, Rhen, and Harper = TWO romances. Am I the only one who wants an epilogue? I’m v conflicted! Wishful thinking for more? One last time… For the good of Emberfall.

“One poor choice shouldn’t undo a thousand good ones.”

🎶 song: Be Still by The Fray 🎶

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