chasing lucky review

“All we can do is wake up. Be better. Admit when we’re wrong, try and fix our mistakes, and smash all the invisible walls we can.”

There is a long-held belief that the Saint- Martin women are romantically cursed: unlucky in love, doomed to end up miserable and alone. In the town of Beauty it’s hard to know whats gossip and what’s fact. There’s more dirty laundry aired before nine am than most towns manage all day. And everyone knows of the Saint-Martin love curse. Heartbreak city. Tenacious. Wiley as a fox. Schemer. Plotter. That’s Josie Saint- Martin. Now Lucky Karras. He’s the kind of boy who would lie to protect Josie, even when she didn’t deserve it. Lucky and Josie were torn apart. Relationship cut short. Communication ended, over and out. But she’s back in Beauty with her mom. They are such terrific communicators and fine examples of piety. Sarcasm. The only thing the Saint- Martin’s are cursed with is terrible communication. Thankfully, Josie has a 3 step plan to exit out of Beauty to LA.

-small family bookstores
-second chance romance
-childhood BFFs
-bad boy but an inner cinnamon roll

🎶 song: Photograph by Ed Sheeran 🎶

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