midnight at the blackbird cafe review

“For where your roots are, your heart is.”

Anna Kate Callow’s headed back to Wicklow, Alabama to make funeral plans for her grandmother and run the family cafe. The Callow women are guardians and gatekeepers of something incredible. They tend to the mulberry trees, nurture them, and gather their love to bake into pies to serve those who mourn, those left behind. The characters in Midnight at the Blackbird Cafe search deep into their guarded hearts to see what’s truly important in life. Anna Kate, Natalie, and crew carry around a heap of pain (overwhelming grief) tied to the past. Will they be able to let it go and start healing? “But sweetie, letting go is the only way you can fly.” Just like Wicklow, Heather Webber’s story has a way of holding on to you.


-magical realism
-blackberry sweet tea & all the kinds of pie
-small town, southern charm (I’m talking roughly the size of a postage stamp)
-blatant nosiness on full display (gossip which means the same as talking)
-a cat with dictator-like behavior
-shoo-ee, honey, two heroes to get sweet on (Cam & Gideon. V small side plot)
-The Good Witch on Hallmark or Alice Hoffman’s novels

🎶 song: Blackbird by The Beatles 🎶

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