crown of bones review

“Remember to keep the company’s number to five. In spite of the autumn chill, optimism wins out. Surprise comes from the sea. Don’t resist it. When in doubt, go north. A sword brings truth and deception. Do not raise your phantom until safe on Aku.” 

Marcus Adicio, son of the Magistrate, Heir to the Throne, and a green-robed savant from Baiseen, on his initiation journey to the Isle of Aku. His warrior phantom has taken form, shared his name, and is more present. More real. Ash, the non-savant on the excursion, is the scribe meant to observe and record. Along with three other savants, the company come into predicament after predicament on their travels. What more could possibly go wrong? Lucky for the lot, the mysterious bosun’s mate of the Sea Eagle, Kaylin, will lead them to Aku. Thank the bones. However, the sailor is harboring secrets. The sea is enigmatic… the legendary Mar race steal children into the salty waters. Ash and Marcus’s world is on the verge of the next Great Dying. Amassia’s second sun is nigh. Will the company’s journey be the one before chaos consumes the realms? 

What a phenomenal, epic fantasy from A.K. Wilder! Political mishmash and intrigue. Thrill of adventure. Swoony romance. Deception. I am enamored with these characters! Ash’s inner dialogue is giving me life! I snort-laughed over her internal voice’s witty banter and clever quips. SO much snark going on in her head. HERE for it! #IsThisAKissingBook- Dang those protocols to the Drop, yup! πŸ₯° Kaylin…

Oh, by the Deep, I LOVE HIM! Aye, my sailor. He has me curious though! I adore how he calls Ash, lass. His girl. I ship you Kaylin & Ash. Kash=The OTP. Readers are going to will their eyeballs to read faster as revelations are exposed. “Chop-chop, with the murdering.” GASP! Raise. Your. Phantoms! Crown of Bones is an essential read for YA fantasy devotees of Margaret Rogerson, Adrienne Young, and Leigh Bardugo. On shelves now!  

Thank you Entangled Teen and AK Wilder for an advanced copy. I devoured it! πŸ‘πŸΌπŸ€ŸπŸΌ

🎡 song: Salt by Eivor 🎡

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