Kitty Valentine Dates Santa review

“A toast”, she says. “To friends, great loves, and of course, books.” 

What a long year! Kitty wants to ditch the trope wheel and get back to her sweet stories: the meet-cutes, the first time the couple hold hands, all the precious little moments that show the couples love. So, one last spin….Is that jingle bells I hear? “Oh my goodness, Kitty! You got Hot Santa!” πŸŽ…πŸΌ Can Kitty date Santa? Most men who play Santa aren’t exactly young. Or attractive. Leave it to Hayley to figure it out, while Kitty is literally becoming a real-life Carrie Bradshaw. Successful in NYC! 

I am so sad πŸ₯Ί this series is over but pleased as punch with how the Kitty Valentine series ends. Perfection! Chef’s kiss! 😘 I LOVE YOU VALENTINE!

(and Matt Ryder). Speaking of Matt, he is on πŸ”₯ FIRE πŸ”₯ with his jokes and puns. Guaranteed laughs! He’s quite πŸ₯° charming. And he will leave you, all emotional gangster. Tears filling your eyes. Crying. Sobbing. Heart bursting because it’s full of 🌈 rainbows and πŸ¦‹ butterflies. 

Santa is the last installment in the Kitty Valentine series (#KV9) and Jillian Dodd does not disappoint! It was fun to witness the KV characters play “Where Are They Now” with all Kitty’s dates. There is an immense amount of JOY in this story! And all the nachos your little heart desires. Kitty likes crafting sweet stories where she focuses on a couples relationship. And just like Kitty, Jillian’s books are the kind of stories where you can FEEL the OTP’s (one true pairing) love through the pages. Even though JD is Queen of the Cliff, she is also Queen of the Big, Fat, HEA! πŸ‘πŸΌ Bravo, JillianπŸ‘πŸΌ ! All hail to the victor!! 

Thank you! Thank you, Jillian Dodd for an advanced copy. I adore you and your romance novels! 🀟🏼

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“Champagne is always a good idea.” πŸ₯‚

🎢 Song: How Deep Is Your Love by The Bird and The Bee 🎢

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