the book of ivy review

“I’ve learned the hard way, we can’t choose who we love. Love chooses us. Love doesn’t care about what’s convenient or easy or planned. Love has its own agenda and all we can do is get out of its way.” 

Ivy Westfall has known her whole life that her fate is predetermined. She is destined to marry Bishop Lattimer. The president’s son and the founder’s daughter. War ended the world, floods and droughts followed, the diseases almost finished the surviving people off. But the small group rose from the ashes, ragged, and war-weary. Banded together only for more turmoil to arise over which family would govern the new nation. Samuel Westfall wanted a democracy and Alexander Lattimer wanted a dynasty for himself and his descendants. The Westfalls lost. And that is why the the people of Westfall have the wedding day. Those who come from the losing side offer up their sixteen-year-old daughters to the sons of the winners. The arranged marriages symbolize the peace they fought for and achieved together. Ivy Westfall is different from all the other girls. Marrying Bishop has not fulfilled her destiny. Her mission is not to make him happy and bear his children and be his wife. Her mission is to kill him and help restore her family in a seat of power. 

WHEW! What a compelling book! Political intrigue! Deceit! Trust! Loyalty! A Romeo and Juliet love story. Rival families. Star-crossed teenage lovers. Oh, reader. You will fall in LOVE with Bishop. He is not the cruel, heartless boy Ivy was warned about. His intentions are good. He is a little cinnamon roll! My heart is achingly in a puddle! -#IsThisAKissingBook, of course, of course. In just one book, you see so much character growth with Ivy. She is strong and brave and makes hard choices. Tears! The very last sentence of The Book of Ivy will leave you taking a deep breath. If you enjoy YA, dystopian romance novels then you need to get this duology on your TBR, stat! 

🎶 Song: Survivor by 2WEI & Edda Hayes 🎶

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