A princess for Christmas review

The princess of Eldovia and the cabdriver from the Bronx. Meet-cute…Girl jumping up and down, waving her hands in the air like a runway worker at La Guardia trying to signal a plane gone rogue, looking all wedding cake topper.  Leo Ricci, knight in a yellow taxi, the working-class guy from the Bronx, picks up Miss Cake Topper, otherwise known as, Her Royal Highness Marie Josephine Annagret Elena, Princess of Eldovia. Damsels in distress got to Leo every time. The pair strike up a friendship and Princess Marie proposes a deal with Leo. She offers him five grand a day to be her chauffeur. Leo could be such a grump but he practically oozes love for his little sister, Gabby. He is Gabby’s de facto parent with a 14-year age gap and she happens to have a princess obsession. Therefore, this deal was a no brainer. Frog turned into footman. Marie is formal in her speech but so earnest. She is in America to follow up with department stores and their sticker shock luxury watches. For Christmas, the siblings transplant themselves to Hallmark-land AKA Eldovia, the fake Hallmark country with their evening cocoa ball and cocoa fest. Let me give you a visual of the palace: “gorgeous, glittering winter wonderland. A forty-foot tree decorated to the hilt. Holly and pine garlands hung on the walls and from the crystal chandeliers that studded the space.” As a princess, she has to be strategic in her relationships. However, will Leo be able to rewrite the ending?

A Princess for Christmas is on par with the Jenny Holiday brand (women’s fiction/romance/chick lit) vs the wholesome Hallmark brand. Think romance and sassy banter dialed up to level “holiday who-be what-ee”. (Trav’s like, what does that even mean? …😏 obvi, to the max. Duh.). If you like cable-channel Christmas romances, then you’ll adore this 🥰 sweet and 🔥 spicy story!

🎵Song: The Christmas Waltz by Frank Sinatra 🎵

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