The brightest night review

“I am fully aware of the fact I have a vicious protective streak when it comes to you.”

Speechless. I don’t usually start with cliffhangers BUT that cliffhanger! Dead. Me. Go ahead and call an ambulance, because I am going to have a heart attack, right now. Goodbye. 🚑👋🏼

Evie and Luc are on the run! Evie’s entire life has been flipped upside down and shaken. A train wreck of emotions. But, together. They’re in this mess together. And you DO NOT get between a Luxen and who they love, no matter what. Evie is in a constant state of evolution and sometimes she goes all Thanos in certain situations. Like banana pants crazy. WHAT is the endgame? Betrayal, thrills, drama, intrigue, and revelations! Luc and his cheesy, horrible pickup lines and silly gifts that really weren’t gifts at all. I fell in love with him all over again. I enjoyed getting more of Grayson, his snark, and 🍭 Blow Pop obsession (probably a Luxen talent conjuring up his endless supply). He’s not a bad guy despite his less-than-stellar personality. JLA writes love stories that could level entire civilizations and definitely leave your heart imploding into goo. Melting like chocolate on a hot summer day. Fighting to survive and I NEED the next book. HALP!

🎶 Song: Saturn by Sleeping At Last 🎶

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