Love & Olives review

An adventure book! 👏 Greek myths and the lost city of Atlantis. 26 Things My Dad Left Behind, by Indiana Olive. Except she isn’t Olive anymore. She goes by Liv. Liv Varanakis and she doesn’t ever, ever talk about her absentee Atlantis hunter father, Nico- he fled to Greece when she was eight. Liv finds out…from a postcard😱!…that National Geographic is supporting a documentary about Nico’s theories on the golden city. Her mom encourages (read: coerces) her to go to Santorini to reconcile with her dad. Put things to rest. But when she arrives things are….awkward. Emotional earthquake level. Confusing. Clouds of sadness. Liv def doesn’t want her dads “crew”- party of one- to witness the uncomfortable vibes. The crew? That’s a Greek boy. Theo. 😍 He’s next-level attractive and smug just seemed to add to his charm. He’s such a sweet little baklava (see what I did there 😂). His nickname for Liv, Kalamata, is completely endearing. So the trio galivant all over the island capturing the beautiful sunsets and turquoise water while searching for proof of Atlantis. However, Liv realizes that maybe she isn’t in Santorini seeking a lost paradise, but possibly for something much more meaningful. The characters were amiable! Bapou is massively likeable and doesn’t speak a lick of English. “Beautiful! Welcome to Santorini!” Ok, four words. He’s precious. I NEED that recipe for Sunshine Cake 🍰! My mouth was watering at the mentions of thick chunks feta cheese🧀 and juicy tomatoes🍅. Yum! Love & Olives is the third girl aboard, coming-of-age story about grief, betrayal, abandonment, forgiveness, mental illness, and love.

Thank you Simon Teen for an advanced copy. I adore JEW and her girl abroad stories. 👏🏼🤟🏼

🎶 song: Mykonos by Fleet Foxes 🎶

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