divine blood review

“You were also unexpected. I did not know saving your life would bring me here. By all rights, we never should have met, but I see now that you are the key to everything. The key to this entire journey. The key to the map. And…the key that changed my life.”

Okay. 🥺 That quote 😍. Do you like reading quest stories? I sure do! Do you like a superb promising romance? Yup, me! Do you like a solid BROmance? 100%! Love friendship stories. Follow Dynalya (Dyna), her cousin Zev, and Celestrial Prince, Cassiel (I call him Cas-hello, bat boy), as they trek (long and treacherous) across the world fighting for the people they love while risking their lives. The trio must defend the map. Death follows. “Great peril in the venture thou art pursuing. Be not swayed by love, lest it be thy undoing.”

Divine Blood is a tremendous debut from Beck Michaels. The character development is fantastic! Written in multiple POVs, you really get to know the characters of the Guardians of the Maiden series. I can relate to Dyna…she’s a people pleaser with a kind heart. She finds happiness within her tragic life. Cas ADORES her! Enemies-to-lovers. I appreciated the way the author addressed acceptance with the half breeds. The world building is super, uber entertaining! Werewolves! Elves! Sorcerers! Celestials! Destiny! Prophecy! Enmity! Like the werewolves, you’ll feel everything deeply: joy, anger, pain, grief. Don’t worry there are some total LOL moments (e.g. page 334) and SWOON worthy scenes (e.g. page 344). And then there is the epilogue! GASP! Gimme Bonded Fate ASAP! If you’re a fantasy fanatic follower (say that three times fast) of Holly Black, Laura Thalassa, and SJM then you’ll be pleased as punch over the merciless Kingdom of Azure!

🎶 song: My Blood by Twenty One Pilots 🎶

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