the very hungry caterpillar mangatiles

“Reading out loud is probably the least expensive and most effective intervention we can make for the good of our families, and for the wider culture.” -Megan Cox Gurdon, The Enchanted Hour.

We’re huge Eric Carle fans over here! As a speech language pathologist, I am a BIG advocate for reading aloud and reading to build language. Research shows that brains of well read to preschoolers seemed more agile and receptive to narrative, suggesting that they had a greater capacity to process more of what they are hearing (The Enchanted Hour).

The Very Hungry Caterpillar Magna-Tiles meets the wonder of the World of Eric Carle. Lots of learning and fun for very hungry young minds: retell the story using the tiles, place the pictures in the order they appear in the story, place the number tiles in order, trace each number with your finger, count the number of fruit on each of the tiles, learn the color of each fruit, and put together the 3D version of the caterpillar. What a perfect Christmas gift to help children gain understanding of vocabulary (receptive language) and build important connections in the brain. Mom approved!


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