The darkest star review

“Life without you is like a broken pencil. Pointless.”

I adore JLA and everything she writes! I love that we are introduced to Luc and he’s wearing a “no drama llama” shirt. 🤣 When that boy was all about the drama llama. Such a little cinnamon roll. His graphic tee collection is solid. And Evie. 🍑Peaches. I can appreciate her desire to just stay home and take photos of her really nice, grey-and-white, wooden candleholders. She cute! Oh, and she wants someone to look at her like she looks at tacos. 🌮 Mad respect.

The Darkest Star is straight up sci-fi and I dig it. Our OTP (Luc & Evie) meet during a raid at a notorious club where the surviving Luxen can mingle freely. Luc is helping the Luxen worthy of living out their lives without having to look over their shoulders. Evie Dasher gets involved in this world and, of course, baddecisionville, population: ☝🏼one. The Darkest Star is a YA SF (dystopia vibes) perfect for JLA groupies.

🎶 Haunt You by X Lovers ft. Chloe Moriondo 🎶

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