Sorcery of thorns review

“She sniffed loudly. ‘I’m not crying. My eyes are watering. You smell awful.’ ‘What? I never smell awful. I smell like sandalwood and masculine allure.’”

Elisabeth Scrivener is a foundling. Orphaned, left on the steps of one of Summershall’s Great Library, and raised among magical grimoires. She is feral, practically raised by booklice. An agent of chaos without even trying. Back to the grimoires….If provoked, the grimoires transform into grotesque monsters of ink and leather. Elisabeth has a…special attachment to the grimoires. As an apprentice, she vowed to become a warden to protect her kingdom, but there is something different about Scrivener. She (emphasis) belonged in the library, as much as any book. Danger! An act of sabotage, someone had performed sorcery IN the library, leading the most threatening grimoire to walk free. The Book of Eyes had returned. insert dramatic effect

Caught in the middle and wrongfully accused as a traitor and murderer, Elisabeth is sent to the capital to face justice. What follows is utter pandemonium. There is no one to trust, except her adversary, Magister Nathaniel Thorn and the dreadful creature that had served House Thorn. All her life she was taught never to trust sorcerers for they are terribly wicked, prowling the wild, tormenting widows, and scandalizing the elderly with nefarious black arts (said in Nathaniel’s sarcastic tone). Alas! Officium adusque mortem. Duty unto death. Desperate for an ally. The saboteur has a pattern and is striking all the Great Library’s. As the duo’s relationship deepens, can Elisabeth truly declare magic her enemy, and go back to the way she had been before? Will the missing pieces snap into place and will the pair fight side by side to find the saboteur?

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Mr. Thorn, let me introduce you to my other book BF who is equally charming….Mr. Cresswell. Thomas Cresswell vibes with your mischievous sarcasm and well-timed quips. “I only turn girls into salamanders on Tuesdays. Luckily for you, it’s a Wednesday, which is the day I drink a goblet of orphan’s blood for supper.” I see that wicked gleam in Nathaniel’s eye. The duo’s meet-cute left me smitten: “I wanted to know that name of the girl who almost murdered me with a bookcase.” LOL at the unmanageable, contrary creature that is Elisabeth Scrivener. I have completely succumbed to Margaret Rogerson’s captivating characters. I loved this bewitching tale! A story of perilous adventure, magic, honor, first love, risk and sacrifice. SoT is ideal for fans of Stephanie Garber and Kerri Maniscalco.

🎶 Library Magic by The Head and The Heart 🎶

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