Troubles in paradise review

“Remember what we taught you to do when you get to the end of your rope?” “Make a knot and hang on.” 

Whew! The turmoil continues: laundering money, FBI, murder, infidelity, betrayal. It’s messy and complicated. I love the women in this series. They are “born on the Fourth of July” independent. Troubles in Paradise reveals the truth behind what happened to Rosie Small and Russ Steele. BONUS: all the drama with Huck, Irene, Cash, Baker, Ayers, and Maia. It’s always fun seeing characters from Elin’s other series. I adore the Quinn family (Winter Street series). The end of TiP will tug on your heart strings…the decimation and destruction. I really enjoyed this series and I’ll miss these characters too. However, maybe, just maybe, they will appear in another Hilderbrand book. Fingers crossed! 

Southern Cross by Crosby, Stills, & Nash

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