blood & honey review

“‘You don’t get to do this alone. If you retreat into your mind-into your magic-I’ll follow you, Lou’. He shook me slightly, tears glistening in those frightened eyes. ‘I’ll follow you into that darkness, and I’ll bring you back. Do you hear me? Where you go, I will go.'”

Okay. Um. Wow. WOOOOOOW. 🤯

🎶”How do I live without you. I want to know.”🎶 Machine gun sobbing.

Man. Like what.

The motley crew: Lou, Reid (Chass), Coco (ma chatte), Ansel (mon petit chou), and Beau. The gangs all here and on the run. The witch and the huntsman working together seeking strong allies in order to take on Morgane. Given what they are, Lou and Reid are natural enemies. What they need is an alliance. But it’s a trap….it’s always a trap. There is double the magic in this sequel. And it is beautiful and wild and free. These characters go through so much healing in this book. All the grief weighs heavy on your chest. There are moments in the story that leave you smiling and laughing. Like “You can’t imagine how toothsome you look right now, Reid”. Huh? It means I want to eat you alive. HAH! Ok, Lou! 😂 You funny. BUT also reckless and desperate to save those she loves by turning to a darker side of magic. And then there are moments that leave you wholly broken to the core💔😭. Like when [spoiler alert-censored]. I loved how faithful Reid was to Lou. Where Lou struggled with their marriage feeling like a hoax, Reid honored his vows. Blood and Honey is a story about deception that cuts deep. Everything seems to be a matter of life and death. Now that cliff hanger…NEED S & D 3!

🎶 song: when the party’s over by Billie Eilish 🎶

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