The damned review

“You love me. And I love you. Enough of this nonsense.”

“I have loved you in both my lives I will love you in all the rest to come.”

Bonjour, Les Cour des Lions. Nice to see you again. We know that Bastien was made into a 🧛 by his uncle. Time to wake up, Bas! He’s not going to be a happy camper! This book still involves a world of secrets! And don’t forget the ridiculous prophecy: One must die so the other may live. To whom did this prophecy refer? Celine and Bastien? 🤷🏼‍♀️ Another pair? Does the epilogue answer this prophecy? 🤔 I was itching to get to Bastien and Celine but there were so many hurdles and emotions to work through… anger, jealously, confusion, rejection. I felt it all with a knot in my throat. BUT Bastien is a place to feel safe. A place to call home. A place for Celine to be herself. And Celine makes Bastien hope and want and wish and feel. I was on edge watching Bastien seek a path of redemption for his lost soul. I was rooting for him to not succumb to the rage inside him. This book goes beyond vamps. There are other fey creatures, in addition to the werewolves.

“But if these wolves want a war, they shall have it. That is my promise to them. And to you.”

The last 30 pages are NUTS! Completely insane. Unshed tears will blur your eyes as you try and read through the agony and chaos. Shocking 😱 twist of events! Like whaaaaa. 😱 Welp, there’s going to be a THIRD BOOK TO THIS STORY, right? 😭 Arjun & Pippa 🤞🏼. The Sylvan Vale. The epilogue! 😱I don’t need this negativity right now 🤣 I love you, Renee Ahdieh! I can’t wait for more! Gimme more! 🍾🍾🍾🍾🍾

“Il y a toujours du temps pour l’amour”. 

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