the coincidence of coconut cake review


“Second chances are good, and they taste like coconut cake.”


Chick-lit! Second chance romance meets You’ve Got Mail. Let’s talk characters. Devlin, the ex-fiancé… boy, bye! Nothing to say about him. Lou is the owner of her struggling French restaurant, Luella’s. She is a talented chef whose coconut cake 🍰 makes grown men swoon over. Alastair (Al) is the witty but gruff British transplant, writing scathing restaurant reviews under a pseudonym. An anonymous tip sends Al to critique Luella’s, and the discomfort 🤢 following his meal sharpened his wit to a samurai sword. 😖 his review was…. not kind. This book is going to make you salivate… 🤤 Deep fried cheese 🧀 and tasty burgers 🍔. Food so good you’re going to want to lick your book. Ok, maybe that’s gross. Al challenges Lou to show him the best of Milwaukee. Their dates were fun: Picnics, tailgating and baseball games, museum trip, and a music festival. All including Wisconsin (wis-can-sin) cuisine in small-batch cheeses, local vegetables, and handmade sausages. YUM. 😋 obvi, they fall in love 🥰 but does the truth regarding Al’s review come to fruition? Of course, everything that happened since the coconut cake coincidence could have been avoided. Can Lou overlook her past to chase her future? A DELICIOUSLY charming love story! And I’m all about the food humor.

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