Second Chance Summer review


Second Chance Summer. Hugging for life. Gosh. I was blinking back tears hoping my eyeballs ? would eventually dry out. Otherwise, I was going to need a part-time job at a tissue factory aka Kleenex ?. After five years away, Taylor and her family head back to their summer lake house ?, where she has to face the pain of what she left behind and the devastation to come. I can absolutely see how others can identify with Taylor. She must be a 9… conflict arises and she ghosts ??‍♀️. And her friend, turned boyfriend, turned ex-bf, turned ex-friend, turned friend again, turned bf again (confused much?), Henry… swoon.  ? yes, swoon, even through all the dramz. I cherished her sweet relationship with her dad. Their fondness of puns got me good. With that being said, I just burned two thousand calories. That’s the last time I leave ? cookies ? in the oven while I multitask. Bah-duh-tsssss (joke punch line sound)! ?…. crickets…. yeah. clap?? it?? up ?? for Morgan Matson ?? A heart-rending ? but beautiful story about redemption, love, trust, courage, and of course… second chances.



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