Tweet cute review

Tweet Cute.
📱First, Emma Lord, where can I get the recipe for Monster Cake?  And Rainy Day Pudding? And A Plus Angel Cake? Pepper is quite the baker. 😋 Her kitchen may look like the Keebler elves threw a rave in it but the result is absurd deliciousness! The main character, Pepper…. or Pepperoni (thanks, Jack), is the Big League Burger 🍔 princess. Her family owns the massive fast-food chain. She’s eager beaver overachiever and secretly running BLB’s twitter account. Enter, Jack’s 🥰 His family owns Girl Cheesing, the ma’ and pop deli with the yummiest, iconic grilled cheese. That BLB ends up copying and putting on THEIR menu 😱 In the words of Stephanie Tanner… HOW RUDE. So, what do you do when someone does something shady? Tweet about, naturally. Well, these two restaurants end up in an all out, viral, twitter war, complete with snarky memes and retweet battles. BUT who is the mastermind BEHIND these tweets? You’ve Got Mail vibes here, people!! I ship you Pepperjack 🧀. I think you look Gouda together 😉. This one is insufferably cute! I Brie-lieve you will adore this read. Gruyere-nteed LOL moments. 🤣 did I take that one too far? 😝

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