standard delicious apple twisting

Because you’re not supposed to pull (pick), you’re supposed to twist. Try telling that to your two year old.

The last THREE years we’ve been apple picking, we haven’t actually picked an apple. It was more like apple purchasing. We’re either too late in the season, too early, or they don’t allow u-pick during the week. NOT THIS TIME! We picked apples! Off a tree! Dane’s old enough now to really enjoy it and we walked away with $20 dollars worth of apples which is hundo p going to contribute to our pants not fitting. Adding to salads? Lets be honest. Not. Happening.

Also, don’t be fooled by that sweet smile down there. Dane climbed up those hay bales and starting booming that sign with his shoulder. He KNEW he wasn’t supposed to. He absolutely tests his limits but loathes being in trouble. That’s just age two. Zero self-control and big emotions.

That’s all for now.

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