postpartum necessities

All. On. Amazon. Praise!

Amazon: a mom’s best friend. Thank you, Mr. Amazon for being there for the mama’s (me) who don’t have time (or energy) to go to the store. Sorry, to all the husbands (Travis) who don’t like Mr. Amazon because their wife can make purchases with a thumbprint. It’s almost as bad as an unnecessary Target trip.

I truly enjoy reading blogs. My friend, Brittany, shared an amazingly detailed hospital/what to have ready at home post, where she mentioned having a caddy for all things postpartum. GENIUS!!! We live in a two story condo and carting all my stuff around was super annoying. Like two trips up and down the stairs. Nope, not happening this time. So, I got myself a caddy to stay organized and keep everything in one place. Baby in one arm, caddy crap in the other.

  • basket caddy. I just like baskets. Three, tiny compartments in the front. One big one in the back. It’s perfection.
  • belly bandit bff wrap. I had this with Dane and while it’s good for a plethora of things (e.g. expedite fluids through the body, may help muscle memory and body shaping, comfort after c-section, etc.), I noticed it most with back pain! My back was so sore… this was amazing!
  • oat mama lactation tea: I was so excited to find this on amazon! Super excited to try it out. It’s basically spring so I’m thinking iced chai lattes. Yum!
  • extra peri bottle. We have a bathroom upstairs and downstairs so I will need two.
  • colace. Do I have to go there?
  • brewers yeast. Make and treat yo’ self to some lactation cookies. My fave recipe is from Jessica at how sweet eats. They freeze well! Find it [here]. note: i used half the cinnamon.
  • always undies. Trying these out this time since I ran out of the mesh undies from the hospital.
  • always overnight pads without wings. 
  • tucks. My fave!
  • nasal aspirator. Ok, I know there’s this brand that everyone loves where you suck the snot…I can’t figure the thing out! It didn’t work for us. This is my fave and it’s super easy to use.
  • nursing tank. 
  • manual hand pump. I do like having a hand pump for night time. I don’t want to use my electric pump at 3:00 am. This one pumps directly into the bottle.
  • breast milk storage bags.
  • quick clean pump wipes.
  • perineal spray. This stuff is the bomb! I am not a fan of the dermaplast from the hospital so this my fave alternative.
  • nursing balm.
  • nursing pads: disposable and reusable.

And one last thing, not on amazon but worth mentioning… fenugreek bars from mrs.milk. I got salted caramel dark chocolate. Need I say more?! Currently salivating.

So. Much. Stuff. But it is all needed! Of course, first time around, I had other stuff that I didn’t use (nipple shield, milk catchers/saver). I have everything ready, now were just waiting on this little babe.



This post contains affiliate links to products I use and, if purchased, a very small commission goes to help our family. These products are truly things we love, purchase, and fit our style. 

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  1. Thank you!!💗 Next time husb is making an Amazon purchase I’m totally adding some of these things 😁😉 xo

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