the minimalists hospital bag

AKA what you actually need. 😉

First time around, I way over packed. Like checked every list on Pinterest and basically moved into the hospital with our behemoth rolling suitcase for two days. Terrible idea because we had to unpack ALL that junk when we got home. But first time parent is a tad bit frightening until you figure stuff out. But like, do you ever figure it out? I don’t think we have. I 100% felt comfortable with overpacking but this time around… Basic. Necessity’s.

Baby 2, I’m going minimal. And my birdling bag exudes minimal (I actually said that in my head but then I had to look it up to make sure it meant “displays”. And then Travis told me no one actually says that word. Well, I do.)

These are the items packed away in that gorgeous bag:

  • nursing bras: these Lamaze Intimates ones are my new fave. They are super soft! And the lace trim makes them cute and not frumpy.
  • Diapers & wipes: the hospital supplies these too so I’m still debating if I want to toss in what we are comfortable using. Let’s be honest, it’s not happening but these items will be ready at home.
  • nursing pads: I like both disposible and reusable.
  • nursing balm
  • pacifier
  • new mama bottom spray
  • toiletries: legit didn’t shower the last time and I probably wont this time because I like to be dirty/think of it as camping. JK. Sort of. But I would rather shower at my house than in a gross hospital shower. I’m just planning on skin care/face stuff, toothbrush/paste, and makeup.
  • socks/slippers
  • baby blanket
  • going home outfit for mama: this dwell + slumber caftan is perfect for nursing and loose. It will cover the weird postpartum belly.
  • going home outfit for baby: pajamas. Dane went home in a super cutesy outfit but baby 2 is going home in a footie. Easy. Done. Primary has great budget friendly basics!
  • car seat cover
  • snacks: Oat Mama lactation bars!
  • phone charger: Make sure it’s extended or portable! Those dang outlets are so far away.
  • wallet with ID and insurance


My friend Brittany, made the best check list! I think it is succinct, perfect for first time moms. And it’s cute! Like really cute! Download [ here ]!

This post contains affiliate links to products I use and, if purchased, a very small commission goes to help our family. These products are truly things we love, would purchase/DO purchase, and fit our style. 

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