twenty week bumpdate

We are half way! I cannot believe it. We have nothing done and I sometimes forget I’m pregnant. But I’ve been feeling tiny baby kicks and punches and I am feeling much more like myself. Praise!

Weird pregnant things: with both pregnancies, I’ve had this strange dry, rough, snake-like patch on my cheeks. It’s horrible! I’ve tried leaving it alone, no makeup, facial oil, lotion. I’ve finally found a little bit of relief with badger balm. But not really. I’ll be happy when it’s gone because I’m honestly self conscious about it, since it looks like I’m some kind of freakish animal peeling its exoskeleton.

Just this past weekend, I was having braxton hicks. Already! These hurt. I’m thinking it’s because I was dehydrated. I have a hard time keeping up with my water intake when I’m home. Tips and suggestions are welcomed!

I’m starting to gain weight which is always super hard for me. I don’t really change my diet and I try to watch what I eat. Emphasis on try. But Trader Joe’s holiday food. And fudge Oreo’s. Ugh. Jingle jangle ice cream. A forest made of cheeeeese. And with all the winter layers I just feel like I look like a beached whale.

We had our anatomy scan and the doctor said everything looks great! But we’re making everyone wait until this babe makes its appearance. Gender to come April 2018! 😉

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