Halloween trash day theme

This little baby. What a cutie but man, he refused his trash can. I am going to call it a win that I at least got a picture of him holding it. Immediately after, he threw it. I had a feeling he wouldn’t wear it but it was worth a shot. His green pajamas are super soft and were supposed to blend with the trash can and his chambray bonnet was supposed to be the lid. Good thing the trash truck Travis created was a hit! Trav is legit the Dr. Victor Frankenstein of cardboard box crafting. I mean, it had actual lights! Working lights!

Halloween was SO much fun this year. Dane rode in his trash truck, went up to houses and said, “trick-or-treat”. He told everyone, “you’re riding in your wagon”. We still have to work on pronouns. He got a lollipop, figured out how to open it, and guessed it was edible. 30 seconds of a sugar high. Holidays with kids are… let’s be honest… work and slightly exhausting. But oh, so much fun! And the memories are completely worth the bags under my eyes.

Happy Halloween.


Merry Christmas! Am I right, or am I right?

I’m right.


Dane’s green pajama set c/o KicKee Pants; bonnet from Briar.

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