Growin’ things.. and by things I mean a baby

So we are growing a new garden at my moms house and I’m also growing a tiny bb who is expected on April 25th!

We are elated to be expecting a little babe! I’m also slightly (v) terrified because I do not know how we are going to manage two. But I guess we will cross that bridge when we get to it. I mean, some people have FOUR kids and they’re alive. Anyway…excited and petrified. Two totally normal emotions, right?

First trimester is hard. Especially with a toddler. The sickness is lingering this time around. I just get sick when I’m pregnant. I can’t eat. Nothing sounds good. Definitely not stepping foot in a grocery store. Count me out. Cooking? That’s a hard pass. It’s all day nausea for me. At 14 weeks, it comes and goes in waves. I’m still having some food aversions but some cravings are coming in. Cookies, burgers, fries, gummy bears. You know. The healthy stuff.

If you know me, like know me-know me, you know I suffer from permanent exhaustion. I’m always tired. No matter what. I wake up tired. Something new this pregnancy is the trouble staying asleep. I can fall asleep easily. No problem. Maybe a little too early. Like 8:00 pm. But every time I roll over, and I mean every time, I wake up.  Sometimes for like 30 seconds, sometimes it feels like an hour before I fall back asleep. Apparently, this is “normal” but it’s been so hard since I work part time and full time take care of my people. And I need sleep. Emphasis on need. Serious dragon lady without eight hours. Even though I wake up tired, I still need my beauty sleep. I’ve been doing limited electronics at night. Some nights nothing at all. That’s been super hard because I love watching TV when Dane goes to bed. Side note: Hallmark Christmas movies start this weekend so you bet I’ll 100% sacrifice my sleep for those glorious movies. Loading up on iced coffee the next day.

We don’t know the gender yet but we will find out around December 7th at my 20 week scan.

Thanks for being over the moon with us!

4 thoughts on “Growin’ things.. and by things I mean a baby

  1. Congratulations, we are expecting our second in April as well. I’m also someone who needs a lot of sleep and already terrified this baby will sleep as poorly as my 12 month old did. Anywho, you look great and I hope you feel better soon


    1. Congrats to you as well! I’m totally starting to feel better and hope you are too. Dane slept terrible the first 4 months but we did sleep training so he slept/sleeps through the night now. We will probably do the same with the new baby too! It works for us! Xo

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