Apple pickin’

Dane eats his fair share of apples. It’s v much a staple in his diet. I always get so excited to take Dane to do the things that I did when I was little. Oak Glen is the cutest little place to go pickin’. We’ve been to Riley’s, Los Rios, and always end up at Law’s because they have the best cider. We did not prepare for the cold. It was a crisp 50 degrees at 10:00 am. Not what we are used to. Dane’s outfit was an accumulation of everything we had in the car to keep him warm.

During the week, Riley’s only allows you to pick pears, raspberries, and sunflowers so we ended up buying our apples. Again. And picked everything else in sight. Leaves, apples on the ground, rocks, sticks, hay, flowers. If it’s pluck-able there’s a good chance Dane will pick it. This time of year is so fun. The nostalgia of it all brings me so much joy. I hope that Dane will feel that way as we continue to make traditions.

Now bring on the baking! I’ve got apples up to my eye balls. What are some of your fall go-to recipes?

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