Seven four 2017

Sad day… I am not a gifted writer. It’s a struggle for me. I took an entire twenty-four hours writing (Ok, two that felt like twenty-four), deleting, writing again, deleting again. I got’s nothing! I’m learning to be OK with my style of writing and that I don’t have to be this serious, crazy good, inspirational writer. And that’s most likely pressure I put on myself. But I’ll keep praying that He shapes me into the writer He wants me to be!

Here’s how our fourth of July went:

  • woke up
  • walked to Starbucks
  • took a nap
  • ate some lunch
  • took another nap
  • went to my mom’s for BBQ
  • picked 1039056 ripe and non-ripe tomatoes
  • mowed the lawn with bubbles
  • ate some baked beans
  • got real dirty
  • toddler melt downs
  • bathed the dirty bird
  • skipped fireworks
  • BED

Let me tell you about those toddler meltdowns, eye roll:

  1. when your mom has to change your 100 pound, soaking wet, soggy, non-swim, POOPY diaper. End of the world!
  2. when you can’t play with the screwdriver. You’ll poke your eye out!
  3. when mom and dad have to take away the hamburger bun that you’re holding, NOT eating, just holding, because it’s bath time. But you strong willed child, refuse to give it up so you take it in the bath, dump it in the water, and try and eat. THEN it gets taken away and WWIII.

It’s rough being a toddler! And maybe rougher (is that a word? more rough?) being a parent of a toddler. From the wise words of miss T Swift, you just gotta shake it off. Hope everyone had an eventful 7/4!


on me: tank, overalls, sunglasses, scarf, birks, similar sunhat

on dane: tank, bloomers, sandals, sunhat

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