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Anyone else enjoy a good book? An actual book with pages to turn. I love them! I am a highlight and under line kind of reader. Getting hooked on some good YA really floats my boat. I used to read a lot before Dane. Kind of considered myself an avid reader. Now, my brain can barely handle anything when Dane goes to bed. I try and take an “electronic night off” and read to relax instead of zone out on Netflix. Reading = more refreshed and relaxed brain. Peep some of the books I am reading right now:

No-Drama Discipline

This is the book that I have been most gravitating toward. We are in a season of cranky pants, non-patient, toddler and I’m sure it’s only going to get worse. Oh boy. NDD is so eye opening. The strategies they suggest are totally linked to my faith in the Lord. Our kids need us when they are at their worst. Jesus LOVES us when we are at our worst. The same love our kids need is the same love that the Lord shows us every single day. NDD is all about connection. Connecting to our kids when they misbehave. Rethinking discipline. NDD stresses, discipline should be teaching moments and not about punishment. I love it! Read it. Do it!

Sacred Privilege

Kay Warren. She’s the leader of our pack. She’s so wise. All around pretty amazing. Kay is transparent and honest in her journey as a PW. Just a friendly reminder, pastors’ wives are in fact, not perfect. We are broken and need our savior. Kay’s book is an encouragement to PW’s and a reminder of the joy of service. It is a sacred privilege living the PW life.

Grace Is Greater

Grace is so beautiful. Kyle Idleman came to our church one weekend and his message totally spoke to my heart. Grace is bigger than our mistakes, our failures, our sins. God’s grace is hard to explain. I love that this book emphasizes that the best way to understand His grace is to experience it. Kyle’s book is such a great read.

Nicolas Sparks

Yes, yes, Ok, I realize that Nicolas Sparks is an AUTHOR and not a book. I LOVE all NS books and movies. This one time, on vacation, I read an entire NS sparks book in two days and made Trav take me to the closest book store so I could get the sequel. And finished that one in two days too. Not being able to put down a book is the best! Some of my NS favorites are: the rescue, true believer (FAVE), at first sight (this was the sequel I made trav take me to get), the notebook (obvi), the best of me, and the wedding.

Would love to hear what you’re adding to your summer reading list! If you do that sort of thing. 😉

Want more good reads? Head to my good friend, Carissa’s blog: www.stucktogether.co


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