15 months

Fifteen months. One year and three months. We have a toddler, who will always be my baby. Like that book…. as long as I’m living my baby you’ll be. So many changes from the last three months. So much growth. I never would have imagined that I would have a 15 month old who talks. Talks! Like phrases. 2-3 word phrases. “Bar please, ride my bike, all done, shoes on, clean up, nana’s house”. It’s crazy. It completely baffles me. It’s fun but I feel like we wont make it to terrible twos. Were going to hit terrible one and a half’s. Tantrums are starting. And man,┬áit is rough. We’re hoping one day you learn that if you bang your head on the floor it hurts. Triple face palm emoji.

Things you love: real food, bubbles, Disneyland, books, cleaning, riding your bike, the park, sand, getting dirty, rocks, plants, bugs, pinecones, balls, dory & nemo, dottie (my family cat), water (for drinking & playing), snacks, dirt, watered down apple juice, your tunnel, saying hi to people at the wrong times, shovels & rakes, burritos, all your stuffed animals, the beach, your paci, walking & climbing, rocks, patting your belly. So many things.

This age has been fun, but boy, you are a-c-t-i-v-e. You never stop. We joke by saying we get tired just watching you do your thing. Being your mom is the best. My absolutely favorite is getting you in the morning and those sleepy snuggles. You are so sweet and loving and funny and dirty. A true little boy. Keep growing, little man. You’re making mama proud.

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