fearless faith

Fearless. Dane darted at the waves fearlessly. Zero hesitation. ┬áHe said, “brr cold”, “waves”, “oh no”, “coming”. He’s a little chatter box. I love watching him learn and grow and expand his vocabulary. The boys took on the waves and I sat under the umbrella since I do not do ocean. Sea weed. Sharks. Sea animals. It’s their home. I don’t invite them into mine. Nope. Bye.

Tangent… I thought about having faith like a child and how fearless Dane was. No worry. Not a care in the world. Except, maybe if he was going to get a popsicle when we got home. And then watch fishies. Nemo and Dory.

Trust. He trusts us as we should trust in the Lord. As the boys were chasing waves, I’m sure Dane felt safe, loved, and secure. Something I want our family to strive for is childlike, fearless faith. We will fear not for He is with us. His presence and love is what we need. Every day. Always.

Note from Dane: My dad put 18 pounds of sunscreen on my little noodle body. I did not get sunburned.


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