Minister’s wives retreat

There are no retreat pictures for this post. I didn’t take any photos. Not one. I wanted to be completely present with no distractions. No Netflix. No social media. I really wanted to feel refreshed and relaxed.

My church is so, so good to the pastor’s wives. Every year, around spring, all the wives meet at the retreat center for a weekend getaway. Honestly, I always dread going to the retreat. I make excuse after excuse but make myself go. I come home extra grateful that I went. Feeling on fire for the Lord again. Thank you to the wives who spent their weekend pouring into others and loving us well.

Some take aways from very wise women in ministry. Hope it is as encouraging to you as it was for me.

ministry & family

  • Blending ministry and family will reap rewards for years to come.
  • Invite children into the story that’s already written. It’s not just dad’s ministry.
  • Teach the babes (kids)┬áto have a strong hope, secure love, and a significant purpose.
  • Hold loosely to what you think things are supposed to look like.


  • I have been forgiven so I can forgive others.
  • Forgiveness is the ground on which we stand.
  • When it’s our sin we beg for mercy, but when it’s someone else’s we want justice. Be quick to forgive.
  • Jesus elevates the forgiven.
  • How to become a forgiver: nail it to the cross and rehearse gratitude not your wounds.
  • You can nail it to the cross over and over agin until it is released.
  • When you become grateful you begin to love.
  • Every season has opportunities and limitations. Don’t resent the limitations. He will build you during those seasons.

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