Dane’s first birthday

Crying. Over here sobbing that my baby is ONE. Though, he will always be my baby. Whether he likes it or not. ūüėČ We are grateful that our family and friends came out to help us celebrate our baby boy.

Dane’s country fair was the theme¬†and the perfect venue was absolutely Manassero Farms. It’s super cutesy! I found an invitation that I like from Pinterest and I had travis remake it. My mom and I started a private Pinterest board of all things fair and farm related. We had glass coke bottles (why does it always taste better in the glass bottle?), peanuts, popcorn, corn dogs, corn on the cob, mini sandwiches, potato salad, strawberries, blueberries, and veggies. Our party favor was a blueberry, apple, or cherry mini pie,¬†packaged¬†in a kraft paper box, tied with red and white twine. My very crafty¬†mother sewed all of the pennant banners and made the high chair banner.

Dane smashed right into his “cake” aka banana bread with cream cheese frosting. He loved it! I ended up making him some muffins with the same batter too. No frosting. They are yummy and healthy.

Basically, the party was for me- to celebrate the fact that Travis and I kept a tiny human alive for an entire year. Here’s to another year!

Photos taken by Eve Taylor

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