third anniversay

I’m terrible. I mix up our anniversary date. All. The. Time. My bad. I know it’s January but I always forget if it’s the 18th or the 19th. I think it’s the 18th. It’s not, it’s the 19th. Anyway, when I look at these pictures I see some pretty skinny babies. Was my hair really that blonde? I loved our wedding day but the process to getting there was not my favorite. I really just wanted someone to do it for me. Like here is my Pinterest board. Go. Make it happen. Travis was a BIG help. He made personalized silhouette bean bag toss boards and he asked our church if we could borrow their giant LOVE letters. That was and still is my favorite. It made every photo perfect! And our photog, who is a good friend, is pretty amaze! Hi, Lauren Scotti is amazing.

Marriage is so special and so fun. Our first two years were pretty easy. Threw a kiddo in the mix and it got hard. HARD. The exhaustion sets in but we try to be quick to forgive. We try and have grace for each other. We support each other. And love each other. We wouldn’t have it any other way.

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