A queen of thieves and chaos by ka tucker

“You are the one who forged this alliance. You keep telling me I do not trust enough.” “I don’t trust anyone with you. You’re my heart.”

Romeria, Zander, Atticus, Gracen, and Jarek. I love all these characters!! Book three: will Islor finally be free of the blood curse? An ENTHRALLING installment of the fate & flame series! Highly recommend! Easily five stars. Forever a fan of this series! I’m dying for more Eden & Jarek! And I am SUPER liking Atticus! The pinning over a mortal 🫠 The world building, the action, the adventure… it all gets better with each novel. KA Tucker is a real talent! I dare you not to fall in love with these books.

“In case it wasn’t clear, any threat against my household is a threat against the throne, and it will be dealt with accordingly.” With that, I spin on my heels, marching toward the war room, blood dripping from my blade.”

-multiple pov
-affinities & shadows
-fates & nymphs
-wyverns, nethertaur, & grifs
-threats & treachery & imminent death
-vials of poison
-war is coming
-single mom (gracen, the mortal baker)
-touch her & I’ll unalive you
-court intrigue
-a giant, fire breathing dragon
-the plot twist of ALL plot twists!!!
-#IsThisAKissingBook: open door. rooting for Atticus!!

Thank you Valentine PR and KA Tucker for an advanced copy!

Song: Cruel World by Phantogram

Skip to the end by Molly James

Amy and …. Mystery man! She’s like half psychic. Sort of. Not exactly psychic. It’s complicated. A wedding. Three guys. Two Mr. Wrong. One Mr. Right. A tale of three kisses and the course of true love never did run smooth! STTE is perfect for fans of Sophie Cousens!

-magical realism: premonitions
-my best friends wedding
-three champagne (patron) kisses
-friends to lovers
-light blue by dolce e gabbana
-the more you weigh, the harder you are to kidnap. Stay safe- eat cake!
-cheese on toast
-lindt lindor truffles
-oh no, you’re wounded!
-#IsThisAKissingBook: closed door. “two friends reminiscing. A boy and a girl talking about an almost kiss from twenty years

Thank you read forever for a finished copy!

Song: Wuthering Heights by Kate Bush

Forget me not by Julie Soto

”…you don’t have to worry about me backing out. You may think everything ends one day, but you haven’t had ‘everything’ with me.”

Ama & Elliot. She’s a wedding planner. he’s a florist and rude is his brand. Broody & broken. Yup. He’s grumpy. They were together. Now they’re not. They’re forced to partner on the same wedding. The second chance romcom of your dreams! Elliot is something special!

🌻what’s your favorite flower?!

-dual pov & timelines: past (his) & present (hers)
-donuts are my love language (donuts push his buttons)
-grumpy x sunshine
-endangered & extinct flower tattoos
-second chance
-work place romance
-family dynamics like her mom can’t just date a person without involving kay jewelers
-yellow Gatorade
-the Greek myth of amaryllis
-oh no, you’re wounded!
-#IsThisAKissingBook: open door. Anaphylactic shock. 911. A must read! 🤭

Thank you read forever for a finished copy!

🎶 Song: At Last by Kina Grannis 🎶

Just friends by Madison Wright

Hazel: You and me and ice cream Best Friend Alexander: Always, Lane

Alex & Hazel. They’re friends. And he walks around like a lovesick puppy. And she doesn’t know! Classic and sweet!

“You said I’m everything,” she says again, enunciating the word. “But to me, it’s you who’s everything…”

-dual pov
-friends to lovers
-butterfly wishes
-brothers best friend
-text messages
-burgers & ice cream
-Jane Austen heroines
-2000s romcom movies
-setting each other up on group blind dates
-oh no, you’re wounded! (Hurt/comfort)
-#IsThisAKissingBook: slow burn. closed door. “I want to kiss you again,” I say, deciding on honesty.”

Thank you Madison for an advanced copy!

Song: May I Have This Dance by Francis and The Lights

Georgie, all along by kate clayborn

“But I can tell he’s watching, can tell he’s looking at me like I’m the moonbeam he once said I was: bright and rare and mysterious.”

Levi & Georgie. AND HANK THE GOOFY DOG!!! Romance readers are going to MOON (beam) all over this book. And shed some tears. And swoon. I’m too far gone for Levi Fanning. My favorite grumpy meet-cute. JUST chef’s kiss! 100% A+. Kate Clayborn = GENIUS.

-dual POV
-small town
-soft vulnerability (RIP @ me melting emoji)
-grumpy x sunshine
-friend fic
-strawberry milkshakes
-citronella candles & pizza
-horror movies & dock jumping
-self discovery/reinvention
-ROOMance: forced proximity
-THE hand flex
-messy & chaotic family dynamics
-#IsThisAKissingBook: open door. Forearms kisses are adorable! They way he notices her smiling at him. That mouth to eyes to mouth to eyes gaze. It’s reeeeal good.

Thank you Kensington Books for an advanced copy!

Song: The Midnight Train To Georgia by Gladys Knight

Love, theoretically by ali hazelwood

”That’s not how love works, Elsie. But don’t worry for now. I’ll show you.”

Elsie & Jack. She’s not a regular theorist. She’s a cool theorist. She likes cheese and movies with sparkly vampires. (Relatable). And he’s an experimentalist. Theorist + experimentalist = rivals. They’re academic foes. Ali’s books always warm my cardiovascular system. 🥰 a million Jack quotes that are so swoony. This is my fave AH book!

”You are the most magnificent thing that ever happened to me,” and I know it to be true.”

-loathe to love: insulin and glucagon. Rey and Kylo Ren. Galileo and the entire catholic church circa 1615
-women in stem & academia
-twilight & bill nye
-physics dad jokes
-type 1 diabetes rep
-he’s so gone for her/he falls first
-#IsThisAKissingBook: open door. “He kisses the tip of my nose.” Fave. “He leans down to kiss my forehead.” Cutie.

Thank you berkely romance for an advanced copy.

Song: 15 Step by Radiohead

The seven year slip by Ashley Poston

“I like your face,” I told him in good humor, and before I could stop myself, I reached up and cupped his cheek, my thumb tracing over the laughter lines around his mouth. A blush rushed up his throat to his cheeks, but instead of leaning away, he closed his eyes and leaned into the palm of my hand.”

Clementine & Iwan. She’s a senior publicist. He’s a chef. And they’re connected through her late aunts magical apartment. But he’s seven years in the past and she’s the present. A romance across time and it is just LOVELY. So good. Like the kind of good that sticks to your bones.

Iwan is on a mission to make the perfect meal but I think HE is the perfect meal. (Eyebrow wag). I’m going to just melt into the ground. 🫠 tender and soft.

”You can dance, Lemon. You can take the lead.” “And you’ll follow?” “To the moon and back,” he replied.”

-friends to lovers
-a magical, time bending apartment
-Jeff Goldblum’s face
-forced proximity (temp sublet roommates)
-wine (rosé) & cheese & travel guides
-emotional support toothbrush
-pommes frites 🍟
-finger guns 👉🏼👉🏼
-yo mama’s fajitas
-off limits
-#IsThisAKissingBook: open door. “The one who had kissed me over a lemon pie.” “… I think you’re brave,” I corrected and kissed his nose.”

Thank you Berkley Romance for the free book! I devoured it! Totally obsessed!

Song: The Great Unknown by Jukebox the Ghost

An enchantment of ravens by Margaret Rogerson

“Are you in love with me?” I blurted out. A terrible silence followed. Rook didn’t turn around. “Please say something.” He rounded on me. “Is that so terrible? You say it as though it’s the most awful thing you can imagine. It isn’t as though I’ve done it on purpose. Somehow I’ve even grown fond of your – your irritating questions, and your short legs, and your accidental attempts to kill me.” I recoiled. “That’s the worst declaration of love I’ve ever heard!

Isobel & Rook. She’s the most distinguished Crafter in Whimsy…a portrait artist. And he’s the immortal, high maintenance (read: spoiled) autumn prince. Human and fairy. I was sleeping on this one…I loved it!

-fair folk
-fairy magic & glamours
-March & May, sister 🐐🐐
-forbidden love
-secret sorrow
-oh no, I fell in love with my captor!
-enchanted berries 🫐
-true names
-masquerade ball
-secrets of fairykind
-screaming ravens 🐦‍⬛
-declarations of love
-#IsThisAKissingBook: closed door.

Song: iris by tommee profitt & ruelle

Fourth wing by Rebecca yarros

“Did you get enough to drink? Or eat?” “I brought everything I needed in my pack. You don’t have to worry about me.” “Worrying about you is ninety-nine percent of what I do.” His thumb strokes the back of my hand.

Violet & Xaden. She’s a cadet and he’s the wingleader. Four quadrants: riders, healers, scribes, infantry. And in the riders quadrant, you either graduate or die. Everything about this quadrant is designed to weed out the weak. Riders defend the defenseless!

Hogwarts for college kids meets divergent factions. With dragons! And a smidge of hunger games… bc not enough dragons for everyone. Edge of your seat, highly entertaining, totally addictive fantasy romance. A MUST read! Absolutely bingeable!

-loathe to love
-bonded dragons
-lesser magic
-the gauntlet, hand to hand combat, daggers
-I’m going to kill you. SIKE ily.
-he falls first
-banter with humans & banter with dragons.
-wielding: ice, wind, retrieve, wipe memories, astral project, breathe under water
-war games
-the death roll
-#IsThisAKissingBook: open door. “…but I can’t keep from leaning forward and brushing my lips over her forehead, then her temple. Gods, I’d kiss her forever…”
“You can kill them.” He yanks me close and kisses my forehead. “There is no me without you,” he says against my skin.”

BIG thanks to entangled publishing and red tower books for an advanced copy! I LOVED it!

Song: I’m yours by Isabel LaRosa

Bear with me now by katie shepard

Teagan and Darcy. He’s a charity executive and she’s a therapy program handywoman. Check out the list below for the deets!

-wilderness therapy retreat
-meet cute under the jaws of furry death ????
-family dynamics
-mental health rep
-dyslexia rep
-silent auction & art
-forced proximity
-friends (with benefits) to lovers
-#IsThisAKissingBook: open door.

Thank you Berkley Romance for the free book!