What’s not to love review

“Sometimes the unexpected stuff is the best.”

“I hate Ethan Molloy.” Ethan Molloy + Alison Sanger = archenemy. The romanticized high school experience everyone says they should have….they did not. Study, study, study for these senior rivals. Goals: 1. Get into Harvard. 2. Open hostility. 3. One up-ing each other. 4. Valedictorian. 5. Fight about fighting. It’s grossly married-couple status. wink. For four years the OTP has kept a feud going. Is there something between them other than rivalry or winning? Nemesis-with-benefits? Contentious and chaotic and yet, undeniably right? A must read to find out!

What’s Not to Love is a charming enemies to lovers, coming-of-age story perfect for fans of Today, Tonight, Tomorrow by Rachel Lynn Solomon. Readers will fall in love with Ethan Molloy and his prep-school boy vibe.

-coming of age YA stories
-enemies 2 lovers
-high school drama
-#IsThisAKissingBook: hang in there. It’s a super slow burn but the kisses (plural) are worth the wait.

🎶 Song: Good Riddance by Green Day 🎶

Thank you Penguin Young Readers for an advanced copy!

The princess will save you review

“Love a commoner? Of course I can, and I do. Love doesn’t know anything about class, nor should it be bound by it.”

I. LOVED. THIS. BOOK! Like I love it as much as Agnes loves her fluffy unicorn. Aggressively.

The Princess Will Save You is so dang cute, I might pass out. Like actually swoon. TPWSY is inspired by The Princess Bride. And anyone who has seen the movie may find it impossible…

to liken TPB with anything other than a super sweet romance between a princess and a commoner. To me, that’s what I found to be a delight in this book! Note: while TPB has a strong humor component, TPWSY focuses on true love and action. Here for it!

Once upon a time, Princess Amarande of Ardenia fell in love with the boy who ran her father’s stable. Luca. King Sendoa mysteriously dies in a single breath. In order for Amarande to rule… You guessed it.

Or lose control of the kingdom. And that’s when a neighboring kingdom kidnaps Ama’s true love in order to force her into an unwanted marriage. Goals: Save Luca, avoid war, change the marriage law.

You think you know some cinnamon rolls? Congratulations, you are wrong. You haven’t met Luca. The boy who dared tussle with the Warrior King’s daughter.

AND! Bonus Jonas! Luca can 👏🏼 hold👏🏼 his 👏🏼own. He’s strong and loyal. He trains with Ama and he calls Ama, “my princess.” Oh, Luca, so kind of heart 🥰. This OTP love each other something fierce. Ama is anything but a storybook princess. SHE’S BAWSE. Strong-willed. The daughter of the Warrior King and the Runaway Queen. She’s capable enough to take what’s hers.

Need more convincing?

Gender-swapped, true love, high adventure, pirates, princesses, and giants “ya big oaf”. TPWSY is perfect for fans of Mary E Pearson’s YA fantasy series.

-The Princess Bride (obvi)
-#IsThisAKissingBook: Stars, of course. 😘
-Political intrigue
-forbidden love
-days long quest & reconnaissance
-power & revenge
-twists & turns
-truths & revelations

Thank you Tor Teen for providing me a ebook of The Princess Will Save You! I am SO looking forward to continuing Luca and Ama’s story of true love, in The Queen Will Betray You!

🎶 Song: Find You by Ruelle 🎶

Emmie and the Tudor king review

“But, my lady, you mistake need for want. What I yearn for in all hours of night, what I crave, what I hope for-when my kingdom is shrouded in the dark threat of war- is you.”

“What if Queen Elizabeth I married her beloved Robert Dudley and gave birth to a son in 1560? A son that would become the last, and most notorious, Tudor monarch of all… Nicholas the Ironheart.” Eep! His name emits horror. Like Stalking Jack the Ripper. Shudders. Nicholas was crowned king of England at the age of 12. His eight-year-old sister, Catherine (Kit), was murdered under mysterious circumstances and the king’s reprisal was HARSH, earning him his terror inducing nickname. Twenty-first century America…The same day Emmie Grace is assigned an essay on the infamous king Nicholas, she also is in possession of a bizarre ring. A time travel ring. If Emmie is going to try and find out who is responsible for Kit’s murder, she better work fast!

Okay, I am the worst Sherlock Homeboy in history of all history. I did NOT see THAT coming. Like…

Ultimate shock! And Nick. sighs dreamily. Funny and a king. Merciful and kind. He is like the eye-candy boss. The last 30% of the book is nail biting! I was breathless with anticipation. And anxiety! Suspense!

HOW IS THIS GOING TO PLAY OUT? Stakes are high, hearts are pounding, eye balls are being willed to read FASTER! Don’t worry, you’ll be able to breathe again. What an adventure. Emmie and the Tudor King is an enchanting time travel romance, that YA bookworms need to read!

-star crossed love stories
-dreamy kings
-solving mysteries like a sleuth
-YA sci-fi
-time travel
-#IsThisAKissingBook: “I ache to kiss you”
-16th century Tudor England

Thank you Natalie Murray for an advanced copy!

🎶 Song: King and Lionheart by Of Monsters and Men 🎶

Back in the burbs review

“…everyone needs love. With someone who loves them back just as much.”

Mallory Martin, soon-to-be divorcee and already unemployed office manager, inherits her aunt Maggie’s house in the burbs. Goodbye city life, Hello…. home that’s straight up auditioning to be a set piece for Jumanji. Like B-movie-sountrack-ominous. With forty-seven HOA violations, it’s a surprise the house is still standing. Mallory is determined to pick up all the broken pieces and fight for her life and her dignity. But then her good-looking, cantankerous neighbor is all, “If you’re naive enough to fix up this place, I’d suggest starting with the grass.” Oh no, he didn’t.

How to survive the burbs?

Good ol’ YouTube to the rescue. And a glass (bottle) of wine.

Looking for an escape read? I got you, boo. Pick up Back in The Burbs for some gut-busting laughs! The cover is a LOL scene from the book. The flamingos are spit-your drink out hilarious! You’ll fall off your chair, the story is so funny. BitB’s love interest is totally swoon-worthy. Infinite heart eyes for Nick Holloway. His antics will make your insides go all soft and gooey. He excels at that white-knight stuff, he just pretends he’s a big grouch. Tracy Wolff and Avery Flynn killed it with their charming rom-com novel. I am going to need more from this duo!

-laughing your head off (what’s up chapter 12. Okay, you too 13)
-discovering yourself again
-guy next door
-enemies to lovers
-grumpy gus LI (secret cinnamon roll)
-Lord of the Rings (You’ll only get that if you read the book, so I suggest you read it)
-fixer upper (where’s the breaker box?)

Thank you to Entangled Publishing and Valentine PR for my advanced copy!

🎶 song: Come Together by The Beatles 🎶

The ex talk review

“Make people cry, and then make them laugh,” my dad would say. “But most of all, make sure you’re telling a good story.”

Dominic Yun and Shay Goldstein have a secret feud. Shay is a decade deep with her Seattle based public radio station. Dominic (an aesthetically pleasing human being) is the newbie with a masters degree in journalism. The struggling radio station is in desperate need of fresh content. Shay proposes The Ex Talk, where two exes will offer relationship advice live, on air. And Dominic and Shay have great chemistry (banter galore), so naturally, their boss suggests that they pretend to date- no, pretend to HAVE dated since they make the perfect hosts given how much they despise each other already. So it’s lie to listeners or risk unemployment.

I ship Shay and Dominic so hard! #shayminic! Rachel Lynn Solomon’s, adult debut (she writes YA 👏🏼) rom-com is HILARIOUS and charming and fun! “Cool is like the Kevin Jonas of compliments.” You’ve GOT to read this book so you understand the comedy of this moment.

It’s like sadtrombone.com. It’s like saying your favorite color is beige. I was basically seizure laughing through several scenes! I find RLS’ characters to be very relatable. They go through seasons of depression, work through grief, and become skilled counter climbers. Hey, shortie, I feel you! I am five two….respect those two inches. The Ex Talk is perfect for fans of On Air with Ryan Seacrest, Helena Hunting, and Christina Lauren. I loooved this book!

-fake dating (dated?)
-enemies 2 lovers
-coworkers/office romance
-romcom (heavy on the com)/chick lit
-a furry avengers pup named Steve Rogers
-forced proximity
-#IsThisAKissingBook: I mean they did date. wink.

🎶 Song: Breaking Up is Hard to Do by Neil Sedaka 🎶

the songbook of benny lament review

“Because it… isn’t real. I want real. I want sickness and health. I want good and bad. I want…real.”
“You want…ugly beautiful.”

New York. 1960. Music. Deep family ties to the mob. Segregation. That’s all I knew going in and I think readers should do the same. Pick this book up! A compelling story of two people unifying what was divided. The sixties brought war and revolution. The death of almost 50 thousand young men in Vietnam. The loss of a president. And a decade of civil rights. Benny (Big Ben) and Esther (Baby Ruth) have an EPIC love story. Powerful. Beautiful. A love story that showed the world what change looked like. An interracial couple who find love and fight for it against all odds. The romance will have you swooning. I mean, he puts socks on her feet and ties her shoes. I’m GOO. The revelation of Esther’s back story will leave readers looking like the gasp emoji. I loved the interview format in the present and the flashback to the event. The Songbook of Benny Lament is emotional, sensitive, heavy, admirable, poignant. “You wanna change the world, you gotta show ’em what it looks like.” Readers will be moved by Big Ben and Baby Ruth’s mission, devotion to each other, and their music.

-organized crime & politics
-friends to lovers
-flirty banter
-THE sweetest gangster
-stories of hope

“May we seek to learn each other’s stories so that we might love each other a little better.”

🎶 Song: Someone To Watch Over Me by Ella Fitzgerald 🎶


once upon a quinceanera review

“I have to ask, though. Am I really the worst thing to ever happen to you?” “Obviously, YES.” He smiled. “Same.”

Once upon a time, around three years ago, a girl turned a boy into a Beast. He was a jerk so she didn’t have to do much to make it happen. And then he left the kingdom and disappeared. Until one day, the Beast came back. Carmen Aguilar just wants that HEA life; however, she’s stuck working the summer as a party princess for a company called Dreams Come True. Then that company is hired for her spoiled cousins, over the top quince. And who is Carmen’s dance partner, also working at Dreams?

None other than Mauro Reyes….the Beast. The nitwit that broke her heart. Ay! Will Carmen find her HEA? Or will her summer be her own personal telenovela.

Once Upon a Quinceanera is such a wonderful delight! I’ve got salt-sticky cheeks from wet tears!

I felt all the emotions for Carmencita…not getting her own quince and her absent father. Goodness, my heart hurt for her. And Mauro Reyes… Can you see my love-struck smile? He’s a precioso bollito. Ultimate cinnamon roll!

Actual footage of me during a specific, heart-warming Mauro scene. AND I LOVE HIM. sighs dreamily. No joke, when I say I was snort-laughing on page two. Several one-liners that were unexpected and had me LOL. Carmen has that teenage sarcastic wit that I revel in. Monica Gomez-Hira knocked it out of the park with her Own Voices, debut novel.👏🏼

-coming of age YA
-sarcastic wit
-second chance romance
-“dancing in a gorgeous ballroom serenaded by that teapot chick”
-#IsThisAKissingBook Si! He’s the beast to her beauty
-family drama & dynamics
-that Disney fairy tale life
-Bienvenidos a Miami (I sincerely hope you are now singing Will Smith)

🎶 song: Hung Up by Tritonal, Sj, and Emma Gatsby 🎶

the spanish love deception review

“You are not on your own anymore. It’s you and me now. We are in this together, and we’ve got this.”

What a charming debut from Elena! Ladies and gents, grab your fans! A wedding. A trip to Spain. And three days of pretending to be utterly and completely in love with Mr. Sunshine (sarcasm), Superman look-alike jerk, Aaron Blackford. Catalina (Lina) Martin and Aaron are not friends. They barely tolerate each other. Aaron is all smug Clark Kent. And Lina is stubborn as a mule. Back to Aaron/Clark.

😳 Okay. 🥰

Aaron Blackford.

Well, Aaron has made his way to the top book bae. That’s right, MOVE OVER RHYSAND! Aaron punched the breath right out of my lungs. You know that phrase, “he’s a precious cinnamon roll?” Well, Aaron is a precioso bollito! He feeds Lina homemade granola bars. That’s the way to my heart! FOOD. Aaron loves so fiercely. So tender and sweet. Loyal and caring and patient and devoted. But he also has that guard-dog vibe. I laughed (of the howling & snort variety), I cried, I swooned. TSLD has everything I’m looking for in a rom-com. Fans of Abby Jimenez and Helena Hunting will adore The Spanish Love Deception. I am giddy and dizzy and hungry for more from Elena Armas!

-fake dating
-enemies 2 lovers
-slow burn #IsThisAKissingBook Si! Si, es muy romantico! Y un poquito 🧖🏼‍♀️
-romantic comedy/chick-lit
-The Wedding Date (movie)
-laughing & snorting so hard that a little bit of water comes out your nose
-office romance
-Clark Kent (circa Henry Cavill)
-fish tacos

“You feel complete in my arms. You feel like my home.”

🎶 Song: iloveyou by Between Friends 🎶

How many Henry Cavill gifs are too many? It’s not rhetorical. I’ll tell you….


👏🏼Aaron. 👏🏼 Blackford.

Emmie and the Tudor King

Publication Day: March 31st, 2021

One moment, Emmie is writing her high school history paper; the next, she’s sitting with a gorgeous 16th-century king who vacillates from kissing her to ordering her execution.

Able to travel back to her own time, but intensely drawn to King Nick and the mysterious death of his sister, Emmie finds herself solving the murder of a young princess and unraveling court secrets while trying to keep her head on her shoulders, literally.

With everything to lose, Emmie finds herself facing her biggest battle of all: How to cheat the path of history and keep her irresistible king, or lose him—and her heart—forever.

You sold, Sherlock Homeboy? Because I am! Murder! Court intrigue! #IsThisAKissingBook- kiss of death? 😘😛 kissing to execution! @nataliemurrayauthor debut novel releases March, 31st! 👏🏼

namesake review

“We were salt and sand and sea and storm. We were made in the Narrows.”

Traitor. Fighter. Survivor. Namesake is packed with action, betrayal, deception, secrets, and risk. Fable has finally found home with the boy she loves. But it’s short-lived. Will Fable be able to regain her freedom again? Or will she be trapped in a powerful gem traders scheme? Saint & Fable’s relationship tugged on my mama heartstrings. Like tears silently sliding down my cheeks. “Never being so terrified of anything in my life.” Truth. “Feel like I’ve barely slept since the night you were born.” Truth. The father daughter relationship was probably my favorite part of the entire book. BUT! I adore West and Fable! With about 20% left, I was nervous HOW it was all going to play out. The ending events were intense! Whew! The epilogue was SUPER… sighs dreamily. I did feel the distance between the OTP and I want more sweet and swoony, West and Fable scenes! Namesake is a story of restitution. A story of family and friends. Adrienne Young’s Fable duology is perfect for lovers of the salty sea.

🎶 song: Sea of Lovers by Christina Perri 🎶

Thank you Wednesday Books for an advanced e-copy! 🤟🏼