defy the night cover reveal

“You made me worry.”
“But I brought you breakfast.” His voice is rich and deep behind me.
I ignore him.
He leans in until his breath brushes against the sliver of skin between my hair and the high neck of my jacket. The other apple appears in front of me, wrapped up in his long fingers. “It’s a really
good breakfast,” he taunts.
I take the apple. Sugar dusts the skin. It’s warm to the touch, and I wonder if the honey inside is warm, too.
Despite myself, I take a bite. The honey is warm. “I hate you,” I say with my mouth full.
“That’ll probably work out for the best.” He flicks my hat up a few inches and grins. “Now eat quick,” he says. “We have rounds to

#DefyTheNight cover reveal…a day early?! Shriek! Gasp! Squeal! *jaw drop* …I am fine. I am great. I am the coolest of cucumbers. I have taken the chillest of pills. HA! JK. JK. I HAVE NO CHILL! Come September 2021, when this bb is in my hands (unless I win the ARC-crossing my fingers and toes!) I will be stapling my eyes open to read into the wee hours of the night. #Cursebreaksers ya feel me!? My brand is irrational freak out. Totally relatable.

YA readers! You’re going to want to read chapter one. Then check out the playlist from Brigid below! Be sure to add DtN to your Goodreads!

Blade of secrets review

“Well, good. You should be uncomfortable. Love is uncomfortable at first. It’s terrifying and exhilarating. But that will pass. It will become easier and something that you need rather than want.”

Kind of rhetorical QOTD: who has better arms? Riden or Kellyn? 😛

Hashtag TrashForTrish squad! Round of applause! The scholar = Petrick. The Mercenary = Kellyn. The bladesmith = Ziva. The brave sister= Temra. Not one, but TWO romances. Readers are going to fall in love with Kellyn. SWOON. “Maybe one day you’ll tell me your secrets, blademsith, now that you know some of mine.” He’s SUCH a cinnamon roll! Blade of Secrets did not disappoint! Fantastic! Chef’s kiss! Counting down until Master of Iron! 

-weapons that combine magic with forging
-banter & playful teasing (“I wasn’t ogling. I just like his arms, is all.”)
-adventure is out there! (said in best Ellie from Up voice)
-twists that leave you with your jaw on the floor #Cliffhanger
-found family
-sister bond (one is socially anxious (mental health rep) and the other is super flirty)
-a budding BROmance

“Even at my worst I can be strong.”

🎶 Song: Stronger by The Score 🎶

Gutter girl review

““You’re really a romantic, aren’t you, Jace Rovers?” “Eh, maybe a little bit.””

Lynn Rush and Kelly Anne Blount are the queen’s of witty banter and kissing scenes! What I enjoy about their books is that you get hooked on page four! Yup, they’re amazing at captivating readers! And, son of a sword, Gutter Girl will leave you with a one-hundred-watt-smile plastered on your face. Readers are going to crush hard on 🥰 Jace Rovers! I’m talking about the warm and fuzzies. Charming everyone’s pants off. Cinnamon roll right here! Young Adult readers are going to fall in love, a thousand times over, with Gutter Girls’ OTP! I adored every page of this book! 10/10 recommend if you just like to smile (because smiling is your favorite). I need more of Twin River High like I need air! Ps. How can we get our hands on Jace’s fantasy romance novel? I want to read Kingdom of Swords! 😂👏🏼

-swooning out loud over the sweetest grand gesture.
-90s grunge (think nirvana come as you are)
-space buns & pink hair
-holding hands via pinky finger and forefinger
-laughing & smiling. They got jokes.
-sweet valley high x small town 90210
-mystic falls vibes (minus the paranormal) with all the town events (founders day ball)
-#IsThisAKissingBook: Son of a sword, yes! MS plus JR.

“I want to be your guy. For real. In front of everyone. To stand up for you. To be there for you, all of the time, not just in secret.”

🎶Song: Good by Better Than Ezra 🎶

Ps. Kelly and I put together a playlist of the most nostalgic 90s grunge. CLICK HERE.

May the fourth be with you

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away there was a girl who loved Star Wars. It was me. The end.

Star Wars fans! Looking for a little space opera? I highly recommend Lost Stars by Claudia Gray! And check out these other four planetary romances.

Happy reading, fellow nerds!

Dark Disciple by Christie Golden

A Crash of Fate by Zoraida Cordova

Most Wanted by Rae Carson

The Courtship of Princess Leia by Dave Wolverton

Ember of Night review

“Just because something is damaged doesn’t mean it isn’t beautiful. All things have value. Don’t let anyone tell you differently.”

👏🏼 New author alert! 👏🏼 Molly E. Lee… first, she’s MAGIC and, second, her upper YA fantasy novel is my current infatuation! Hello, Draven & Harley! 🔥 Their back and forth, hot and cold, flirting and pushing away. 😘🤌🏼 Chef’s kiss! “But I didn’t realize I could make you burn.”

But also…. Harley? Is that you?

Gah. I need more of them! Draven is a mystery with a capital M. He’s pretty special. Attractive and intriguing. My eyes are literal hearts for that tortured boy. See below. …Me @ Draven.

I adore his nickname for Harley… Honey badger. read to find out the meaning.

And Harley is badass with a signature vibe of damaged, dirty, and back off. She’s got some serious baggage. But she be like…

Ember of Night is A MUST HAVE for fans of Jennifer Armentrout and Kerri Maniscalco. Epic world building! Heart racing scenes! Readers will be captivated by this OTP! A highly entertaining story of hurt, betrayal, anger, secrets, and dangerous hope. I have questions (Is Ray okay?) that need answers AKA I will be preordering the sequel! 10/10 recommend!

P.S. It ends on a cliff that will leave you like

-Bishop Briggs (meet-cute scene 🔥)
-banter & quick but deep wit
-MCU & fantasy/paranormal references
-strong female heroines who are unafraid to challenge their male counterparts
-a stoic love interest with a sly grin
-a little sister (Ray) who is the Disney princess to Harley’s villain
-angels & demons
-twists & turns
-#IsThisAKissingBook: well, Harley threatens to burn down Draven’s house 😘

“You’re mine,” he growls, the words so final, so lethally claiming, that I feel them like a brand across my soul. And I love the way it burns.”

🎶Song: Dark Side by Bishop Briggs 🎶



P.P.S. Was that TOO many anime gif’s. Don’t answer. Because once upon a time, in 1993, there was a little girl who loved anime (Sailor Moon). It was me. The End.

Hollow Heathens review

“We were different, but the same, with a love so strange.”

After twenty-four long years, Fallon Grimaldi returns to her hometown of Weeping Hollow. A town cut off from society and two witch covens caught in a tangled web. Once you enter Weeping Hollow… the town wont let you leave until it’s done with you. Four masked men lurk around the town. The last four of the five original descents. The mystery guys are the Hollow Heathens. Death follows their families. Cursed and the desire to break it is strong. But for a Heathen, love was a curse all on it’s own. Will Julian be able to break the curse?

Julian x Fallon are my new OTP! Julian is FIRE. Ruthless villain, gentle one, miserable creature. “To think a monster who could hate so passionately could love so profoundly.” Fallon is also on a journey. Lots of character growth! She one-clap-syllable’s Julian and I LOLed. Readers will be invested in Julian and Fallon’s story! I mean, I made 73 highlights. Nicole’s writing is hauntingly poetic. Heads up, Hollow Heathens was CrEePy. Like Sixth Sense status. There is a Young Adult version as well, if that’s more your vibe. Hollow Heathens is a standalone story of unwavering and unselfish love and ancient curses. I devoured it! Bring on Bone Island: Book of Danvers!

-star crossed lovers
-forbidden romance
-a precious but cranky-pants gramps
-sacrificial, unconditional love
-Frankenstein x Phantom of the Opera (ish)
-magic, murder, & madness
-secrets & unrequited acceptance
-past vs present
-dual POV

“remember, no one is safe after three a.m.”

🎶Song: Tainted Love by Love, Alexa🎶

Click for Hollow Heathens playlist

Gilded serpent review

“If the story of your life were a book, I’d carry it with me across the world. I’d read it every night. And whenever I reached the ending of what had been shared with me, I’d open it to the first page and begin reading it again.”

Welcome back to the Dark Shores readers. Lots of world building to start but Gilded Serpent is action PACKED. Like anxious sweating. Nail biting. We’ve got the blight and the corrupted. Teriana’s dilemma of saving her people or saving the West. We also have romance. sighs dreamily. The Banter between Marcus and Teriana is chef’s kiss. I want to squeeze hug Marcus. I FEEL for him. And Teriana.. girl. Is. BAWSE. Will their relationship survive them being enemies on opposite sides of a battlefield? And Lydia and Killian. Woo, boy. I need more of this OTP in book four! Can we LOL at Gertie and Bertie. Snort! You know who else I need more of in book four… Agrippa! The end of chapter 82. Tears. Don’t forget Miki and Quintus- I love you. Danielle Jensen’s characters have burrowed their way into my heart. Gilded Serpent is a thrilling novel with high-stakes and secret revelations! Eye balls, (yes, I’m talking to my eyes) read at warp speed! K, thanks love you bye. YA readers you need the Dark Shore series STAT. #TeamMarcus

-toga clad senators & politics
-power & domination
-action & adventure
-#IsThisAKissingBook: TWO romances and one will leave you wanting more in the best way!
-burdens of secrets & betrayal

Thank you Tor Teen and Danielle Jensen for my advanced reader copy!

🎶Song: Renegades by X Ambassadors 🎶

Fake love review

“It’s hard to give someone your heart, even when you love them. It’s scary, right?”

Sports agent, Carter Crawford, and supermodel, Vale Martin have an instant connection but keep things super casual. Vale doesn’t want a true commitment. Cool, so Carter goes and buys an engagement ring. Smart? Nah, that’s crazy bruv. Everything backfires and what the pair has is dunzo.

Until, Vale shows up at Carters house begging him to attend her little sisters wedding as her fiance. Cool, so Carter agrees because he’s, again, CrAzY. …Crazy about Vale. Is the wedding weekend fate’s way of bringing Vale back in to Carter’s life? For good?

Fake Love is such a sweet second chance romance. A heartfelt love story! Jillian Dodd delivered a chef’s kiss happily ever after that will leave readers will a full heart and tears in their eyes. Did somebody say food?

Mushroom and onion with a white sauce. DROOL. Gimme all the pizza. I LOVED Vale’s grandma and her jokes. Grandma is a trouble maker! She is a HOOT! Carter is super charming, he can make anything happen, he’s magic. If you’ve ever wondered how JD’s HEA read, Fake Love is a perfect place to start! The Crawford brothers are mighty fine.

“Aren’t love stories so romantic?” Sigh. I have dreamy hearts in my eyes 😍

Thank you Jillian for an advanced copy! I love all your books!

-stand alone love story
-second chance romance
-fake dating
-pizza 🍕
-grand gestures
-a journey of rediscovery
-dual POV
-family dynamics
-city life x small town
-#IsThisAKissingBook: Grandma is determined to make it happen. 😘

🎶 song: Lovefool by twocolors ft Pia Mia 🎶

maggie finds her muse review

“I don’t think you’re ever too old….But I do think how you love changes. The things you look for when you’re young are not the same ones you want when you’re older.”

Maggie Bliss is off to France to try and beat her writers block by finding a muse. Bonjour, Max! Je vous aime. Maggie’s very ex-husband, Alan, vacations in France and visits their daughter who will be starting school in Paris. Well, wouldn’t you know! Guess what, Alan wants Maggie back. Maggie wants…. Will she be able to complete her book and find romance in the city of love? Maggie Finds Her Muse is a charming story about love, family, confidence, and inspiration. Must read for the depictions of food!

-How Stella Got Her Groove Back
-chick lit
-rom com (lighter on the com)
-Parisian atmosphere
-French cuisine
-bread and cheese and butter and copious amounts of wine
-love triangle ish
-#IsThisAKissingBook: oui, oui!
-a French bulldog

Merci beaucoup to SMP Romance for my advanced copy!

🎶song: Comme des enfants by Cour De Pirate Le Matos remix🎶

what big teeth review

“My love is a haunted house, a ghost possessing his own body, a fire that burns itself alive. A light almost too bright to look at, but I force myself to look as long as I could.”

A family that revels in strangeness. A twisted, bizarre, haunting YA supernatural story. (I apologize in advanced for all the comp titles LOLz). After eight years away, Eleanor is back at the family home and…

Things are crazy and confusing and what. *scratches head*. Huh.

-Adams Family
-Teen Wolf
-There Was An Old Lady Who Swallowed series
-Beetle Juice
-weird, awkward, dysfunctional family dynamics
-unexpected twits
-gothic atmosphere
-channeling your inner Sherlock
-YA horror, mystery/thriller

Song: Where Is My Mind by Safari Riot